API Documentation

CamStreamer App 1.x API

CamStreamer App functionality can be controlled using API once the application is installed and licensed.There are several parameters described below.

Global Parameters



IPADDR[:PORT] is an IP address:port of the camera. E.g.
PARAMNAME is a name of any parameter listed below.
PARAMVALUE is a value you'd like to save to CamStreamer App. Special characters in the value has to be urlencoded. See URL encoding

Mind that CamStreamer App/stream is restarted every time any parameter is changed.

Parameter Enabled

Stop or start the stream using parameter "Enabled". Valid values: 0, 1

Parameter MediaServerUrl

Valid values (for selected protocol):

You can stop or start the stream using parameter "Enabled". Valid values: 0, 1

Parameter UserVapixParameters

Overwrite the default video parameters. See parameter description (chapter 3.4). You can e.g. choose different camera or View Area using parameter camera=2&resolution=1280x720&overlaypos=200%2C600.

Parameter AudioSource

Specify audio channel. Available values:

none disable audio channel.
default Use the audio channel from the camera (e.g. mic./line input).
file: FILEPATH use an audio file FILEPATH (mka/mp3) on the file system on the camera (e.g. SD card).
url: URL use an external (network) audio source (codec AAC or MP3). E.g. internet radio, another camera or Axis P8221 audio encoder. For Axis device: rtsp://root:password@IPaddress/axis-media/media.amp?audio=1&video=0 Use audio sample rate 44.1KHz and bitrate 128Kbps. CamStreamer App is not streaming once the external audio is not available.

Parameter AVSyncMsec

Time offset for audio/video channel in milliseconds.

Parameter LiveLED

Enable LED light indication on the camera. The light is ON if the stream is established. The light is off once the CamStreamer App is not able to broadcast the video. Valid values: 0, 1

API example

You can configure CamStreamer App to start/stop the stream based on an Action rules (Setup > Events):

  1. Create a HTTP recipient - url: and fill in the user name / password (valid root access to your camera).
  2. Create two schedules (to start and to stop the video).
  3. Create an action rule to start CamStreamer App. The action should be the HTTP recipient + parameters:
  4. Create an action rule to stop CamStreamer App. The action should be the HTTP recipient + parameters:

Get current YouTube Live broadcast

Redirect your viewers to the current broadcast.


where SECTOKEN and CSID are used in "Permanent link" in CamStreamer App user interface. Mind that the SECTOKEN is changed once you use a different YouTube channel.





Feel free to contact our support in case of any problem.