Bird feeder live stream at its best with Birdwatching HQ

Case study

About the project

Bird feeders are not only of benefit to our small feathered friends but can also make for a very intriguing and popular live stream. Birdwatching HQ is perfect proof. Scott, the owner of the domain and a bird lover from Akron, Ohio, had wanted to install a live animal cam in his backyard for a long time. The mission was clear: to watch his bird feeders whenever he wanted and wherever he was located. He also thought that visitors to his website would appreciate a closer look at the action in the feeders.

Technical solution

There are two live cameras installed – one aims at the feeder, and the other one is located on the ground underneath it to observe animals that are attracted to the feeder by fallen feed. After hours of research and blind alleys, Scott finally got what he wanted: a low-maintenance, functional broadcast directly to YouTube and Facebook. The choice of camera was the most difficult one, but the AXIS P1448-LE was eventually selected thanks to its great performance in the dark. One of the strongest reasons for Axis was, however, the possibility to stream directly to YouTube thanks to the CamStreamer App. The CamStreamer App is installed on both cameras together with the CamOverlay App. The CamOverlay App weather widgets display current temperature in minimalistic graphics, leaving more space for observing the birds.


Birdwatching HQ cameras are an example of a simple yet very intriguing idea brought to extraordinary execution. With the applications from CamStreamer, quality live streaming has become an obtainable mission, bringing more than notable viewership. Since starting his YouTube channel in September 2018, Scott obtained more than 546,000 views, and the monthly viewership of his YouTube channel is about 212,000 views – while 99% goes to the two live cams. Scott has embedded both cameras in his website, which again had a positive impact on web traffic. Considering such compelling outcome, he is determined to continue with live streaming and excited to see where it takes him next.

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Video Quality 4K
Audio External microphone
Camera model AXIS P1448-LE
ACAP application CamStreamer App, CamOverlay App
Streaming platform YouTube