Rescue station for animals in Makov

Case study

About project

For 11 years disabled white storks have been nesting in our rescue station. They have raised 30 healthy young storks so far. All of them flew away. What happened to them we do not know. Therefore this year we would like to give 4 young storks miniature satellite radios which would give us an opportunity to follow their journey after they leave Makov. We would have a unique chance to learn about their future life on their route to Africa. We would be able to follow their life journey for about one year. The radios should be placed on the storks shortly before their first flight, which will be at the end of June this year.

Technical solution

The Axis P1365-E Mark II IP camera and objective TEIA 9-40mm has been selected for the project of the animal rescue station live monitoring as the best choice due to its discreet design and image stability. We are able to transmit in HD 1080p resolution and at a high bit rate of 5Mbs. The external microphone makes watching the animals, that behave very naturally in the camera shot, more enjoyable.


The rescue station in Makov enables the viewers to watch animals almost in their natural environment and, thus, it becomes one of the most watched live transmissions in the Czech Republic.

Download PDF here


Video Quality 1080p / 25fps / 5Mbps
Audio external microphone
Camera model Axis P1365-E Mark II
ACAP application CamStreamer App
Streaming platform YouTube Live