Live city camera in Venice, Italy

Case study

About project

Venice in Italy. This title probably does not need further description. However, the live transmission is the Pallazzo Bembo presentation with a view from the hotel room to Grand Canal. In this attractive way, they are attempting to attract new guests to their hotel, showing the beauty of Venice.

Technical solution

The AXIS P1427-LE camera used is a compact camera with the possibility of outdoor use, with a built-in infrared light (IR) function. The AXIS P1427-LE camera offers excellent image quality. The precise iris control (P-iris) function provides an optimum field of view, resolution, contrast as well as image brightness. The camera is equipped with the Axis Optimized IR technology with energy-saving LEDs, providing automatic lighting of the covered scene even in complete darkness.

The Image Overlay function of the CamStreamer app inserts graphics with information about the hotel, with a link to the hotel websites, to the image. To make sure the transmission is uninterrupted, the YouTube Live service was selected. The Watchdog function, offered by the CamStreamer app as one of its properties, is used to check for the proper performance of the transmission. The Watchdog monitors the state of the transmission and, if any problem occurs, it sends an alert to the user immediately.


The attractive and interesting way of the hotel promotion in such a competitive environment as Venice has won many fans and has certainly also attracted new guests.


Important: overlay used in this case study with camera AXIS P1427-LE is static. If you want to use dynamic overlay (e.g. weather info) with CamOverlay App, please check compatible cameras here.

Download PDF here


Video Quality 1080p / 30fps / 5Mbps
Audio None
Camera model AXIS P1427-LE
ACAP application CamStreamer App
Streaming platform YouTube Live
Image Overlay Brand image