The art of creation streamed live during Festival des Bordes         de Vire

Case study

About the project

Bringing the art of creation to the online viewer – just one of the goals of Festival des Bordes de Vire (Festival of the Banks of the Vire) organized by the gallery Usine Utopik. The fourth edition of this curious yet charming event took place in France along a 15-km stretch of road between Tessy-Bocage and Condé-sur-Vire, a unique natural setting near the bank of the river Vire. The aim of the unusual outdoor venue was to encourage dialogue between art and the environment. To address this challenging task, five experienced European artists gathered at a site near the Utopik Factory and began creating art. All the while they worked on their sculptures, they were quietly observed by a live streaming camera broadcasting the moments of creation to the world.

Technical solution

Over the course of 18 days of hard creative work, the camera installed at the site broadcast the artists in real time. The AXIS Q6035 camera was chosen for its high-speed PTZ dome, which offers a rich viewing experience and HDTV resolution. The video was broadcast via YouTube Live to the Usine Utopik YouTube channel and was also embedded in the gallery’s website. The CamStreamer application allowed the organizers to set up the live streams with ease, eliminating the need for a cameraman, and fulfilled all requirements for reliability, ease of access, and exceptional technical support.


With the live streaming, Usine Utopik aimed to democratize art and culture and make as many people as possible aware of contemporary art. The live stream enabled the hundreds of online viewers (the live streams on YouTube were watched for more than 7,700 minutes in total) to witness the evolution of the sculptures and the transformation of raw, formless materials such as wood, stone, and steel into fully formed works of art. Another objective of the live streams was to refute the idea of art as something born in the sacred spaces of art studios. Thanks to streaming, everyone could observe the creation of art – and perhaps be encouraged to become an artist.

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Video Quality 1080p
Audio None
Camera model AXIS Q6035
ACAP application CamStreamer App
Streaming platform YouTube Live