Moving lubricating tram broadcasting live video from the streets of Prague

Case study

About the project

Tatra T3 tram number 5572 isn’t used for transporting passengers. It’s a lubricating tram, ensuring that the rails Prague are properly oiled. It passes through the 1,000-year-old city every day, and each month, this unique vehicle travels 6,000 km (over 3,700 miles). Its journeys through the historical city gave rise to an idea that seemed peculiar at first – to install an IP camera on the deck and start live streaming. The project was to become a part of so-called slow TV, a genre of ‘marathon’ television coverage. The idea was turned into a real project, and in 2015, Mazačka, as people started to familiarly call the tram, hit the streets with an Axis camera onboard.

Technical solution

Live streaming from Mazačka is provided by an Axis Q3505-VE camera with HD quality at 60fps. The camera delivers high image quality, especially when it comes to footage of fast-moving objects in a harsh environment and demanding lighting conditions – which is the case of most big cities with passing cars, smog, and other typical city drawbacks. The camera is connected through a 4G LTE Internet connection to Kino data centers thanks to CamStreamer App, which enables easy and smooth live video broadcasting directly from the camera. Then, the broadcast is ready for the world to watch 24/7.


The live broadcast from the lubricating tram became a viral hit, a Facebook sensation, and a selfie magnet. There is even a Facebook fan profile of the tram with more than 12,000 fans. The live stream generates as many as 100,000 views per month, and the tram is so famous that it has its own novel written by Polish author Magda Stachula. To keep the live stream attractive and innovative, two sensors measuring dust particles and temperature were installed on the vehicle in May of 2017. Fans of Mazačka can thus read the immediate temperature and smog situation in different parts of the city.

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Video Quality 1080p
Audio None
Camera model Axis Q3505-VE
ACAP application CamStreamer App
Streaming platform Kino