Biggest Czech music TV channel streamed live via CamStreamer

Case study

About the project

Established in 2002, Óčko is the first Czech music TV channel. Nowadays, it’s the biggest music TV channel on the Czech market. Despite its enormous popularity, especially among younger viewers, the broadcasting company recognizes the need to provide new and youthful content. In this pursuit, Óčko decided to establish an entirely new format. The team created a studio in a shopping center in Prague, where anyone can come and have fun. There was a different program every day, including the shooting of one of the channel’s shows, ÓČKO Mixxxer, workshops, meetings with YouTubers and influencers, and so on. Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper broadcasting channel without a live broadcast! That was handled by an Axis camera with the CamStreamer App and CamOverlay App onboard.

Technical solution

The camera of choice to bring Óbejvák (as Óčko calls the studio – in English “living room”) online for viewers was the AXIS M5525-E. It features a high-quality image in FullHD 1080p and a 10x optical zoom. Thanks to its pan-tilt-zoom functionality, it can cover a continuous pan of 360°. The CamStreamer App running onboard the camera provided an easy solution for RTMP streaming to the Wowza media server and then to the video player on the Óčko website, the homepage of which is visited by approximately 80,000 unique users weekly. The live stream also displayed the logos of participating partners thanks to the CamOverlay App, which is designed for fast implementation of dynamic overlay graphics. The minimum internet connection speed to run the broadcast was roughly 4 MB/s.



The live stream provided the Óčko TV music channel with several positives. “One of the biggest benefits was the possibility to present the actual fulfillment of the agreed business activities in Óbejvák, which was very favorable for our business partners. Furthermore, the camera confirmed its surveillance origins and helped monitor the public studio. Last but not least, there was also increased interest in the live stream among our viewers, especially when one of the influencers appeared on the stream,” says Petr Horák, CEO of Óčko. The music TV station demonstrated that even traditional broadcasters can benefit from live streaming and alluringly enrich their website.

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Video Quality 1080p
Audio External audio
Camera model

AXIS M5525-E PTZ Network Camera

ACAP application

CamStreamer App

CamOverlay App

Streaming platform