Information on air quality directly in the live stream
thanks to the CamScripter App 

Case study

About the project

Not only are we able to embed data into a live stream from score tables, individual meteorological stations, transit servers, or temperature and internal sensors – this time, we’d like to show you another interesting integration! Air quality is a highly discussed issue around the world. That’s why we were asked by the sales engineer of Axis Communications about the possibility of embedding current data on air quality directly into the live stream. 

About the World Air Quality Index

The World Air Quality Index project is a non-profit the project started in 2007. Its mission is to promote air pollution awareness for citizens and provide unified and worldwide air quality information. The project is providing transparent air quality information for more than 130 countries, covering more than 30,000 stations in 2,000 major cities.


Technical solution

For this solution, an AXIS IP camera that runs the CamScripter App is needed. A micro-application, which is available free at, is then downloaded into this application. After filling in the configurations, the micro-application ensures that data is downloaded and depicted from the Air Quality Index project – a widget with the air quality index in a color corresponding to various categories of health impact (according to Air Quality Index metrics). When using it, it’s necessary to adhere to the conditions on the project’s website. 

The result 

This integration is another interesting addition to urban streams and more. “It not only provides interesting added value to our clients’ live streams – but it also shows that we can fulfill our clients’ requirements using our applications and that we’re able to create integrations with specific products for them,” adds Filip Hanek, Filip Hanek, Product Manager of CamStreamer.  

Use case: How to set-up integration of World Air Quality Index


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