Example of WeatherFlow
meteorological station integration 

Case study

About the project

We’ve got another interesting example of integration for you, this time with a meteorological station. The CamScripter App makes it possible to launch micro-applications directly in AXIS cameras, allowing us to meet the requirements of our clients and embed data from specific products into our live streams.

“A client made a request to be able to depict super-local weather data from his meteorological station, which is located on Bald Head Island, where he provides accommodation for tourists,” Filip Hanek, Product Manager of CamStreamer, explains.

Technical solution

Our client streams the surroundings of a hotel suite on his Facebook page with the use of an AXIS P1448-LE camera and the CamStreamer App. His meteorological station WeatherFlow uploads data to its servers, and from there the CamScripter App then downloads them. With the help of the CamOverlay App (there is a service called Custom Graphics for this usage), a unique widget is added to the live stream and current weather data is embedded into it automatically. In addition, the widget can also be used, for example, as a mask over an object that isn’t suitable for a live stream (e.g. a building on a beach).


The result 

Thanks to the CamScripter App and integrations with specific products, people can make their stream more attractive in various ways and thus increase interest in a certain site. “When one of our clients reaches out to us with a  specific request, we’re able to create a tailor-made micro-application for them,” adds Filip Hanek, Product Manager of CamStreamer.

How to set-up integration of WeatherFlow meteorological station with CamScripter App


Video Quality 4K
Audio None
Camera model
AXIS P1448-LE 
ACAP applications

CamStreamer App
CamOverlay App

CamScripter App

Streaming platforms Facebook 
Location Bald Head Island, USA