Live Prague camera

Case study

About project

The aim of this project was to introduce the possibilities of the new ACAP CamOverlay app on an attractive picture of Hradčany in Prague and, thus, provide the viewers in an attractive way with information regarding Prague sights, in the form of embedded dynamic graphics, and also to show the birth of the new advertising media which does not require any expensive equipment for its functionality.

Technical solution

To solve this project, we have selected the AXIS Q6075-E IP camera which, due to its PTZ function, enables the scanned image to move on a precisely defined route and time and creates an attractive view of the Prague sights for the viewer. In addition, the high-resolution image, great picture even in poor lighting conditions and large zoom underline the beauty of Hradčany in Prague even more.

Displaying the information by embedding the graphics was achieved by the ACAP CamOverlay App which can add your own graphics to each camera PTZ position. With the “Carusel” function, more graphics at each PTZ position can be changed, with setting the time for each piece of displayed information. The app also enables to display the display of two mutually independent graphics. The second piece of added information in this project is the weather forecast via the Wounderground service.

To create a stable stream on the YouTube Live platform, we used another ACAP CamStreamer App which, besides creating the quality image stream, also underlines the scene by an attached MP3 audio file. 

Video quality 1080p / 25fps / 4Mbs
Audio MP3 local audio loop
Camera AXIS Q6075-E
ACAP aplication CamStreamer App, CamOverlay App
Streaming platform Youtube Live
Used features PTZ guard tour

Read use case how to create the stream with an Axis camera and the CamOverlay app here.



It is a project that has become an information source for visitors of historic Prague and provides the viewers with attractions and happenings events in an attractive way.