Live streaming from the "Under Armour"
baseball courts

Case study

About project

The project was created in cooperation with Sportzcast, with the aim to create quality live streaming from the “Under Armour” baseball courts, with the possibility to create a streaming schedule, and without the need to use complicated streaming procedure, demanding operation, control and without monthly fees for the streaming services.

Technical solution

This project is based on AXIS IP cameras with the CamStreamer application, also containing the streaming schedule setting property if it is not online 24/7. The Q3505-E Mark II camera that can stream up to 120 fps in 720p resolution seemed to be the perfect camera for this purpose. The number of frames per second is the key property for smooth image at sports events where fast moves in front of the camera are typical. To capture the realistic sound environment, we used an external directional microphone that uses Local Live audio, another CamStreamer app property. This property is also able to connect the sound track to cameras not supporting audio. Sportzcast adds a graphic overlay with sports match results directly to the image simply through CamOverlay, the second ACAP app.


This solution will suit to all sport sectors where the stress is put to quality maintenance-free live streaming on the Internet, with costs incomparably lower than in the standard live streaming.

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Video Quality 1080p / 60fps / 3Mbps
Audio Local Live audio
Camera model AXIS Q3505-E Mark II
ACAP application CamStreamer, CamOverlay
Streaming platform YouTube Live
Used features Excellent video quality
  Time schedules
  Image overlay