Remote Access

Enter the world of the CamStreamer Cloud and get remote access to all your cameras.

Remote Access scheme

What is Remote Access?

Remote Access is the service connecting your AXIS camera with our CamStreamer Cloud. You can remotely access your camera (no public IP or VPN needed), activate watchdog alerts, and manage cameras via a mobile app. This service you need to use any of the other services in the CamStreamer Cloud.

How does it work?

After a short registration process in the CamStreamer Cloud, you simply add a camera to your account using the installation wizard. All cameras and Cloud communication is encrypted. While the camera is connected you can view and manage all cameras via our CamStreamer Cloud platform in your browser.

Ready to start?

Simply create a free account in the CamStreamer Cloud, add your camera or cameras, and start using all our platform’s benefits.

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What you can do with Remote Access?

Use CamStreamer Cloud platform and the mobile app solution

Use CamStreamer Cloud platform and the mobile app

All your connected cameras are available on the platform whenever and wherever you want.

Camera management solution

Camera management

CamStreamer Cloud monitors your cameras, apps, and live stream via watchdog alerts.

User management solution

User management

Create more user accounts with defined authorization capacities.


Remote Access to your cameras

Access all your cameras via the CamStreamer Cloud platform. Manage them, go to camera settings or to CamStreamer apps there. Each camera added to CamStreamer Cloud supports a maximum of 2 users accessing live stream simultaneously.

No public IP or VPN needed

The connection between the camera and CamStreamer Cloud doesn’t require a public IP address or VPN. All communication is encrypted, private and secure.

Mobile app for live view

CamStreamer Mobile app, available for iOS and Android smartphones, allows you to see a live view from cameras and Recordings or Timelapse if you have this service activated.


In the CamStreamer Cloud, you can create dashboards with 1 to 16 cameras with a live view at once. Perfect for a quick overview of your cameras or locations. Dashboards can be shared between users.

User management

CamStreamer Cloud allows you to create as many separate user accounts as you want and set the various access rights to cameras, dashboards, recordings and timelapes to each of them. You can also generate a guest account with limited access (time-limited, IP limited or number of accesses limited).

Watchdog Alerts

Our platform actively checks if everything is working right. It means that watchdog notifies you if the camera is disconnected or when Recordings, TimeLapse, or other services do not work properly.



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