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What is a network camera? CamStreamer App

A network camera (or IP camera) is a small computer and a camera combined in one unit. Once connected to the Internet, it works completely autonomously/independently. See a definition here.

Do I need a public IP? CamStreamer App

No, your camera initiates a connection to YouTube servers. It works as a Plug&Play from almost any network with sufficient bandwidth. CamStreamer App is compatible with Netrex Monitor which is a cloud camera management.

Do I need a running computer? CamStreamer App

No, the video itself is pushed directly from your camera to streaming services. You need a computer just for an initial setup. You don't need a running computer as with other solutions...

I have a strict firewall. What is the correct setting? CamStreamer App

Bellow is a list of all required network communications:

  • DNS (UDP port 53) ... see DNS settings on the camera
  • NTP (UDP port 123) ... see NTP settings on the camera
  • RTMP (TCP port 1935) ... connection to YT servers
  • HTTPS (TCP port 443) ... connection to our licensing server (required only for trial license)

What is the required connection speed? CamStreamer App

It depends on video quality and motion in the video. A video in resolution 720p at 25fps would need at least 2Mbps in the upload direction. The ping time should be less than 100ms.

How can I measure my connection speed? CamStreamer App

You can measure it e.g. on speedtest.net. See the upload speed value and ping time. Be sure you are on the same network as the camera.

Can I broadcast my camera 24/7? CamStreamer App

Yes, you can. We are running a watchdog on our server to notify you if the camera disconnects and to keep the broadcast running on YT.

Can I record a video? CamStreamer App

Yes, a video can be recorded on YouTube if you broadcast less than 4 hours. You can use a YT video editor to trim a video (less than 2 hours). If you need local recording or more than 4 hours, please contact us.

Can I display some information (e.g. weather) over the video? CamStreamer App

Yes. See application called CamOverlay.

What happens if I need to replace a camera because it is broken and I have a full license? CamStreamer App

We would move the license to another camera. Please contact us in that case on sales@camstreamer.com.

Is there an API? Can I integrate CamStreamer in my product? CamStreamer App

Yes. See CamStreamer App API documentation.

Is there a partner program? CamStreamer App

Yes. Please contact us for more information.

How much information can I display at the same time? CamOverlay App

It is possible to switch on only 2 services at the same time.

Can I set the projection of info for specific times? CamOverlay App

Yes, you can set weekly schedules.

Where can I upload my own graphics? CamOverlay App

Images can be uploaded via CamOvelray’s user interface to an SD card (recommended), or a cloud can be used. Uploading images onto the camera’s memory is not technically possible due to the speed of the graphic upload.

How fast are graphics uploaded from the camera to the image? CamOverlay App

This depends on the size of the graphics. Small graphics can be uploaded (on current cameras) up to 2x per sec. When reading images from the SD card, data is stored in the camera’s cache when the first image is displayed, which may cause the upload to take longer. The next display of the same graphic is up to 90% faster. The camera’s cache cannot be used for displaying images stored on a cloud.

What is the max. size of the picture? CamOverlay App

The same as the video resolution – the picture can't extend beyond the borders of the camera video.

How does the size of the graphics change if I want to use different resolutions from the camera? CamOverlay App

Graphics stays the same - 1:1, any position/offset is set in pixels, so it is possible to set up for just one specific resolution.

Is there any API? Can I integrate CamOverlay App into my own products? CamOverlay App

Yes, see the API documentation.

Is there any partner program? CamOverlay App

Yes, please contact us.

I need to view the info from a service you do not support yet. CamOverlay App

We will try to find solution for you, contact us.

What happens with my licence if my camera brakes down? CamOverlay App

We will transfer the licence to new camera.(only if you provide RMA)

What graphic formats are supported? CamOverlay App

Supported image formats are jpeg and png (with alpha channel).

Where can I display graphics in my video? CamOverlay App

Graphics can be placed anywhere in the video either with the help of preset locations or x/y coordinates.

Is AXIS the only supported IP camera manufacturer ? General

We support only Axis cameras, because there is an open application platform for third party applications like CamStreamer App or CamOverlay App and Axis stands for high quality and reliability, which we can confirm based on many years of experience working with Axis.
Axis has many beautiful cameras to choose from. Almost all Axis cameras are supported by CamStreamer App and CamOverlay App, see the list of compatible models here.

How can I solve YouTube embedding problems ? CamStreamer App

If you want to embed your video into any web page, you must enable Monetization first: YouTube Account > Creator Studio > Channel > Monetization > Enable.
This guide may help you. You must also connect your channel with an adsense account. You will propably have to stop & start stream and then use the new link for embedding.

What should I do when I Can't connect to target video server ( Please check DNS settings ) ? CamStreamer App

Your camera is not able to resolve DNS address. There are two recommended solutions, pick one :
1) Set DNS server on your camera and allow DNS traffic to and on your firewall
2) Or configure a local DNS server to the camera. See Setup > System Options > TCP/IP > Advanced

Can I stream to more streaming platforms simultaneously ? CamStreamer App

Yes, with CamStreamer App 2.x you can stream to more streaming platforms simultaneously. Please check https://camstreamer.com/download-app for availability of CamStreamer App 2.x for your camera model.

How do I purchase CamStreamer full license ? CamStreamer App

Choose the product you want at https://camstreamer.com/#pricing and select the button "buy online". You can pay by a card or with PayPal. The best deal is the bundle with CamOverlay app ( for graphics added to the stream). 

I need a suitable Axis IP camera, which one should i choose ? CamStreamer App

If you need help with the camera selection and installation, please check if there is our partner near you or just find the local Axis reseller/distributor. Before the purchase please check https://camstreamer.com/download-app as well and find out if the camera you want is compatible with CamStreamer App and/or CamOverlay App. In case you still need help with picking the right one, please contact us at sales@camstreamer.com.

I want to stream live to YouTube, is there any guide about encoder settings, bitrates, and resolutions ? CamStreamer App

Yes, there is a nice article regarding bandwidth needed for different video resolutions and frame rates when live streaming to YouTube :
Note: If you're using StreamNow option, the encoder will automatically detect your encoder settings. YouTube events settings can be set manually. Please test the stream before the real event starts.

What's the right way to enter my license code of CamStreamer app? General

Aftrey you pay for one of our application license you will receive an e-mail with your license code. The license code must be put into the application directly after you open it in the Axis application list.  Please check the installation guide to do it the right way. Note: The most common mistake is that some users put it to the Axis user interface in the license key field. This does not work.

Supported browsers General

CamStreamer applications work on the latest versions of modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, MS Edge and Opera. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported.

Errors: Get camera time error, cannot check camera time General

In most cases, this is due to incorrect settings of the DNS server. You can configure the local DNS server of the camera in the System>TCP/IP section.

I have a trial license, but it doesn’t work without the internet General

The trial license requires an internet connection on the camera and port 443 to be opened in your firewall. The first option is to connect the camera to the internet and the second is to buy a full license.

Are there any compatibility issues between CS products and Axis Camera Station? General

CamStreamer applications are independent of any video management systems. Therefore, they can run simultaneously.

I have CS 2.0.7 and CS tells me to downgrade to 1.5.3 CamStreamer App

Your camera has an ARTPEC-4 processor (e.g. P1427-LE). These cameras are officially supported by CS 1.5.3 because their CPU is slightly less powerful then the ARTPEC-5.
CS 2.x is appropriate only when you want to push multiple streams to different streaming platforms. If you don't need this feature, we recommend using CS 1.5.3.
If the camera has FW 6.40 or newer, you can install CS v2 as well – just download the ARTPEC-5 package. In all situations, please install CS 1.5 or 2.1 – they are both more reliable than 2.0.

Camera V5915 does not support CamStreamer App 2.x CamStreamer App

Unfortunately the last FW from Axis is and it does not contain the necessary components. The new CamStreamer App will work on the camera only if Axis releases new FW.

How can I start/stop streams via API? CamStreamer App

First, you’ll need the ID of your stream, which can be found via an API call or in the Server Report of the camera.
Second, you can call API to stop/start
Below are some examples of calls for CamStreamer App 2.x (more info in API section). You’ll need to change the password, IP address and ID of your stream.

  • Active services http://root:password@
  • Call for stop http://root:password@
  • Call for start http://root:password@

I need to stream sound from a different source/ my camera does not have a microphone CamStreamer App

CamStreamer App supports external audio sources via URL. If you want to use audio from another camera in the same network, use the URL rtsp://root:password@IPaddress/axis-media/media.amp?audio=1&video=0.

I can’t see overlay in the live view CamOverlay App

In older FW, switch off the text overlay in Axis settings or upgrade to the newest FW if it is available.

Not possible to stream to YouTube as usual CamStreamer App

Please check amount of events in Creator Studio -> Live steaming -> Events. If you have them about 100, delete any of them. (error message: youtube account isn't setup for streaming)

Is there a way to keep a current URL for a YouTube stream on my web pages? CamStreamer App

Yes! There is a solution in the CamStreamer App interface in the stream settings. At the bottom of the stream settings page, you'll see a preview window of the running stream. Under this window, you'll find a permanent link and permanent player (embeddable code to your page). Your viewers will go to our redirector first and receive a valid link to your YouTube stream.

Do I need to start my streams after restart of the camera? CamStreamer App

No. All streams that were running or active will continue in streaming or will start to stream within set time.

Lagging/choppy stream CamStreamer App

If you find that your stream is lagging or choppy, go through and test the following points:

1. Check your connection speed at speedtest.net – UPLOAD has to be set with a reserve that is larger than your set bitrate. Latency should be a minimum of 100ms.

2. DPI: Deep Packet Inspection causes random network latency to your firewall, which the RTMP does not like.

3. Camera load – an overloaded camera will leave out frames. Reduce the camera load by:
a) Checking/reducing the number of outgoing streams from the camera
b) Turning off the other ACAP applications on the camera
c) Reducing the audio sample rate

4. Use the default “Video Quality”. Selecting “custom” can lead to video sent to YouTube with the wrong parameters. See here.

I can´t verify CamStreamer App license code and I get message to verify it repeatedly CamStreamer App

If you have lower version of CamStreamer App than 1.5.3 please upgrade to the latest one which is available in our download section (Support -> Download + Compatible cameras)

Is it possible to access camera remotely? General

Yes, we have solution for this. If you are interested, please contact as on sales@camstreamer.com

License issue General

If you have not found a solution for your license problem, please contact us at sales@camstreamer.com

Inverted colors in CamOverlay App CamOverlay App

Some cameras have unfortunately swapped color mode in different orientations. If you install application in fixed position of the camera, app checks color mode and use the right one. If you change camera orientation for e.g. 180° after installation and your camera has this issue, it is necessary to restart application so it will be checked again and changed. It this does not help, let us know here.

Streaming to Microsoft Azure CamStreamer App

Streaming to MS Azure is possible via service „RTMP ingest server (Universal)“. Format of address is rtmp://streamingaddress/streamkey. For unknown reason stream key is not visible in web interface and you have to find it in XML file for set up FMLE encoder (in Ingest preset). It is under RTMP address in output details. For preview copy preview address and insert it to VLC player (Media -> Open network stream).

During start of communication between camera and Azure you can see temporally warning regarding port 1935.

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