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What is a network camera?

A network camera (or IP camera) is a small computer and a camera combined in one unit. Once connected to the Internet, it works completely autonomously/independently. See a definition here.

Do I need a public IP?

No, your camera initiates a connection to YouTube servers. It works as a Plug&Play from almost any network with sufficient bandwidth. CamStreamer is compatible with Netrex Monitor which is a cloud camera management.

Do I need a running computer?

No, the video itself is pushed directly from your camera to streaming services. You need a computer just for an initial setup. You don't need a running computer as with other solutions...

I have a strict firewall. What is the correct setting?

You need to allow outgoing TCP connections on port 1935 for YouTube Live.

What is the required connection speed?

It depends on video quality and motion in the video. A video in resolution 720p at 25fps would need at least 2Mbps in the upload direction. The ping time should be less than 100ms.

How can I measure my connection speed?

You can measure it e.g. on speedtest.net. See the upload speed value and ping time. Be sure you are on the same network as the camera.

Can I broadcast my camera 24/7?

Yes, you can. We are running a watchdog on our server to notify you if the camera disconnects and to keep the broadcast running on YT.

Can I record a video?

Yes, a video can be recorded on YouTube if you broadcast less than 4 hours. You can use a YT video editor to trim a video (less than 2 hours). If you need local recording or more than 4 hours, please contact us.

Can I display some information (e.g. weather) over the video?

Yes. See application called CamOverlay.

What happens if I need to replace a camera because it is broken and I have a full license?

We would move the license to another camera. Please contact us in that case.

Is there an API? Can I integrate CamStreamer in my product?

Yes. See CamStreamer API documentation.

Is there a partner program?

Yes. Please contact us for more information.

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