Case study: Live animal camera

Use Axis outdoor camera (e.g. Q6045-E) and some Internet connection (e.g. 4G modem). That's all you need to stream live video. CamStreamer application is running inside the camera. It pushes the live video from the camera directly to the YouTube ingestion server.

Optional features:

Video watchdog: We are actively monitoring YT broadcast from our servers. We will send you an email if your camera disconnects or the broadcast is interrupted.

MP3 Audio loop: Upload an MP3 file to the camera and use it as an audio loop.

External audio: Combine audio and video from different cameras or use an internet radio as an audio source.

Image overlay: Burn a graphics directly into the video stream. E.g. static image (logo), current weather info, current PTZ position...

Delayed video: The live video can be recorded to the SD card inserted in the camera. Broadcast recorded video e.g.: 15 minutes delayed video from an airport (security reason) or broadcast last day during night...

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Video Quality1080p / 25fps / 5Mbps
Camera model P3364-L
Streaming platformYouTube Live
Recording/Remote accessNetRex