Live church camera

Case study

About project

This unconventional project of transmission from an Irish church provides the viewers with an interesting view of the services held. This project proves that every transmission, albeit somewhat different, finds its viewers.

Technical solution

The camera used in the project is the AXIS P3364-L model, with an excellent image in HD 720p resolution. The camera itself does not have a built-in microphone but one of the properties of the CamStreamer app is the “Audio Source” property, enabling it to connect audio data from an external microphone which is used in this project.

The transmission is not continuous and uses the HW start/stop camera property without the need to reset the connection to the streaming service each time the camera is switched on again. The CamStreamer app records the setting and, when the camera is turned on, it automatically starts sending the data for streaming. As the transmission is not continuous, the YouTube Stream Now service, where each transmission is recorded, was selected.

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Video Quality 720p / 25fps / 700kbps
Audio External audio input
Camera model AXIS P3364 - LV
ACAP application CamStreamer
Streaming platform YouTube Stream Now
Automatization Scheduled starting/stopping


A live transmission, very simply created at a price/performance ratio from an unusual environment, that will certainly find its viewers.