Live construction camera

Case study

About project

The project was created to monitor the construction of the new Wisconsin University building with live transmission. Since the beginning of the construction, the viewers could see how such a construction is made and how challenging it can be.

Technical solution

In this project, the Axis IP camera uses the Q6115-E model. This model utilizes the Axis Zipstream function to reduce the data flow significantly, so it can easily stream data in FullHD resolution at a 4Mbs upload speed. Furthermore, this camera boasts enhanced resistance to dust, heavy rain or shock.

Together with the CamStreamer app, the YouTube Live service was selected as an appropriate steaming platform for 24/7 uninterrupted transmission.

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Video Quality 1080p / 25fps / 4Mbps
Audio None
Camera model AXIS Q6115-E
ACAP application CamStreamer
Streaming platform YouTube Live


The viewers had a unique and interesting view of the construction of the big building within the University complex.