Live planespoting camera

Case study

Attractive live transmission from an airport runway, with more than 8 million views.

About project

The aim of the project was to create a live transmission from the airport runway truly attractive and interesting for viewers, for the biggest media house in the Czech Republic, Mafra, a.s. The customer required to “drag” the viewer directly into the action at the Václav Havel Airport Prague and provide an unrepeatable experience to all fans of aviation. This task has been accomplished by continuous live broadcast, containing information about the landing and departing planes, including communication between the pilots and the control tower, directly in the image.

Technical solution

To implement the project, we selected the highest-quality AXIS P5635-E IP camera which, due to the so called ACAP apps operating inside, does not need any other hardware for the live video transmission.  Excellent image in poor lighting conditions, high resolution and large zoom of the camera lens enable to watch watching the action on the Prague airport runway from a nearly two-kilometre distance!

Displaying the information about landing or departing planes is made via ACAP of the CamOverlay app. It processes data from the FlightRadar app and add adds it directly into the video using a created template. Transmission of the audio communication between the air traffic control centre and individual planes is made by the second ACAP CamStreamer app, created by us.

CamStreamer, except for processing external audio data from the service Air Traffic Control also provides the entire broadcasting from the technical point of view side. In this case, it involves sending the video with sound and embedded graphics to the Wowza streaming service through which the transmission is provided to a wide group of viewers.

More case studies

Video quality 720p / 25fps / 3Mbs
Audio Remote audio data
Camera AXIS P5635-E
ACAP aplication CamStreamer, CamOverlay
Streaming platform Wowza MS
Used features Remote data - Flightradar 24


This project, with more than 8.5 million views and a number of regularly v watching fans viewers, belongs to the most successful programmes of the new Internet TV of the customer.