Case study: Live Vox Populi camera

CamStreamer application has a special mode called "YouTube VoD". Upload short triggered video sequences directly to your YouTube channel. It can be published immediately or you can authorize every video sequence manually. Connect a HW button to the camera IO to trigger the uploading process. People can push the button and leave a video message in your YouTube channel. See e.g. cameras Axis A8004-VE or Axis F41.

First czech videocache

CamStreamer is running in a nice Geocaching project - Videocache. Camera AXIS F41 is embeded in a cache. It includes minisized scanner unit with object lens, which can be installed several metres from the body of camera by itself, furthermore it´s equipped by microphone. We took the use of it with success. Camera switchs on with cache opening and within few seconds may cachehunters record video message for other catchers, friends, themselves or owner Dacinka. See the playlist...

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Video Quality720p / 20fps / 1.5Mbps
Camera model F41
Streaming platformYouTube - On Demand!
Remote accessNetRex