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How to get brilliant audio from Axis cameras

We have tested the first Axis camera P3235-LVE with a digital microphone and the result is simply amazing. Noise is virtually non-existent. To achieve this, you'll also need a T8355 Axis digital microphone and set your input to “Ring-powered digital input 12V”.

Another cameras with a digital audio: P3235-LV, P1375, P1375-E, P3245-LV/-LVE

For cameras without digital audio input, we have had very good experience with the Behringer MIC800, which removes all unwanted noise.

If your camera does not support audio and is compatible, you can solve it with this nice gadget Axis T6101 (audio settings will be visible in the camera user interface like it it is part of the camera). Or with any camera you can connect audio via RTSP link from network audio bridge C8033. Format of RTSP link is rtsp://root:pass@IPaddress/axis-media/media.amp.

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