Solution for RETAIL - Store Occupancy Manager

In-Store occupancy management

Track, count and limit the number of people inside the retail store with our Store Occupancy Manager app.

Digital signage & theft prevention tool

Prevent theft by showing a public screen together with additional promotional communication.

Hassle-free integration with security infrastructure

Use our app as a part of your AXIS security solution. Enable Events, send API commands.

IP cameras from Axis Communications AB

  • Highly durable and reliable cameras
  • Great image quality in high resolution
  • Can handle poor lighting conditions
  • Can be installed in demanding or poorly accessible locations
  • Compatibility list of Store Occupancy Manager ACAP and AXIS Occupancy Estimator ACAP apps is available in Technical guide PDF.

Store Occupancy Manager is the solution to the following tasks:

Limit store occupancy

Large TV screen next to the store entrance showing overlay graphics and animation based on the number of customers inside the store. When the limit has been reached the screen shows the STOP sign, different overlay graphics, and / or animation, so people know that they have to wait.


The source of the video for the TV screen is an overview camera that monitors the store. On this „public view monitor“ customers are therefore aware that the store is monitored to prevent theft.

Show marketing promos

On the large TV screen there can be another overlay graphics (up to 4 at the same time) – like animation with a logo, text info ticker, simple video or promo banner to attract customers to visit the store. The overlay graphics can also be automatically displayed by set conditions and managed via API remotely.

Trigger other actions

Store Occupancy Manager can also trigger other actions to meet different process requirements. It can, for example, switch on / off indication LEDs, play audio messages via connected speakers, control door control mechanism, remotely notify security officer on an exceeded occupancy limit or send notifications to external systems over the network.

Read more information in these PDF materials:

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