Solution for retail

With Store Occupancy Manager limit the number of customers in the store, prevent shoplifting and promotion with smart digital signage.

In-Store occupancy management

Track, count and limit the number of people inside the store with our Store Occupancy Manager app.

Digital signage & shoplifting prevention tool

Prevent shoplifting by showing a public screen together with additional promotional communication.

Hassle-free integration with security infrastructure

Use our app as part of your AXIS security solution. Enable events, send API commands.

IP cameras from Axis Communications

- easy installation

- great image quality even in poor lightning conditions

- built to last in demanding environments

Recommended cameras
AXIS IP cameras

What you can do with Store Occupancy Manager?

Limit store occupancy solution

Limit store occupancy

A big-screen TV next to the store entrance showing graphic overlays and animations based on the number of customers in the store. When the occupancy limit has been reached, a predefined message appears on the screen, informing potential customers to wait outside the store.

Prevent shoplifting solution

Prevent shoplifting

The source of the video for the TV screen is an overview camera that monitors the store. This public view monitor prevents shoplifting by letting customers know the store is being monitored.

Display promotional marketing solution

Display promotional marketing

Show up to four graphic overlays at a time on your big-screen TVs. Perfect for attracting customers with animations, brand logos, info tickers, videos and promo banners. Additionally, display of graphic overlays can be automatized using set conditions and managed remotely with API.

Trigger actions solution

Trigger actions

SOM can also trigger other actions to meet different process requirements. It can, for example, switch indication LEDs on and off, play audio messages on connected speakers, control automatic doors, remotely notify a security officer of excess occupancy, or send notifications to external systems over the network.

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