Solution for Security and Industry Applications

Your data visualized onboard the camera

Fetch API data from your system via the CamScripter App and display them in real-time in the picture.

The possibilities are endless and, in order to give you some inspiration, we’ve prepared a number of examples below.

Automated with powerful scripting tool

The CamScripter App is a scripting interface between the camera and other systems.

For example - writing information directly into the image via the CamOverlay App or controlling various camera functions from an external source.

VMS agnostic

Apps run inside the camera.

Video output from the camera already contains embedded graphics from the CamOverlay App.

The CamStreamer App can stream video from cameras in many protocols (RTSP, HLS, SRT, MPEG-2 etc.) to specified destination.

IP cameras from Axis Communications

  • Highly durable and reliable cameras
  • Great image quality in high resolution
  • Can handle poor lighting conditions
  • Can be installed in demanding or poorly accessible locations
Recommended cameras

Examples of finished or work-in progress integrations

Door controller

Information from AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller displayed in the camera image. Read our blog article.


Timekeeper for a laboratory controlled via API.


Live scoreboard for a squash arena (read case study) and baseball sport arena (read our blog article).

Streaming thru LTE

Automatic start/stop of a stream to VMS based on a browser request (streaming via LTE router).

These are all just examples - there are so many other possibilities to fit your needs.

Other examples of what can be done:

  • POS integration (insert the name of the product that the cashier has just marked with a bar code reader directly into the image).
  • Signal converter to analog VMS from IP cameras in closed systems.
  • Show weight from digital scale connected via RS232 directly to the image of camera.

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Resources, which can give you ideas and inspiration

Have a look at our case studies and practical use cases.

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