About Store Occupancy Manager

What is Store Occupancy Manager?

Store Occupancy Manager (SOM) is an application that helps retailers in three areas: limiting the number of customers in the store; shoplifting prevention; and promotion with smart digital signage.

SOM product

How does Store Occupancy Manager work?

SOM is an app run inside an AXIS IP camera. Based on the number of customers inside the store, which is monitored by people-counting cameras, it inserts overlay graphics into a video output with a STOP & GO sign to block or allow entrance and thus limit store occupancy.

The app also generates one event available in the Axis Events interface to trigger any other action.

Ready to start?

To run our Store Occupancy Manager (SOM) ACAP app you need a compatible AXIS camera and source of occupancy data*. SOM installation on the AXIS camera takes just a couple of minutes including easy set-up. Then, simply connect a big screen TV/monitor with an internet browser (any Smart TV or tablet) into the same local network (LAN) as the camera and open the local HTML page which is generated on the camera with SOM**.

*) As a source of occupancy data can be in some cases the same camera (where the SOM runs) or separate counting camera with AXIS People Counter or AXIS Occupancy Estimator ACAP on-board or XOVIS counters). Check the compatibility list in the Technical Guide.

**) There are other connection options – refer to the Technical Guide.

What you can do with Store Occupancy Manager

Limit store occupancy

A big-screen TV next to the store entrance showing overlay graphics and animation based on the number of customers inside the store. When the occupancy limit has been reached, the screen shows a STOP sign, different overlay graphics, and or animation so people know they have to wait.


The source of the video for the TV screen is an overview camera that monitors the store. This public-view monitor prevents shoplifting by letting customers know the store is being monitored.

Show marketing promos

The big-screen TV can show other overlay graphics (up to four at a time), such as animation with a logo, text info ticker, simple video, or a promo banner to attract customers to the store. The overlay graphics can also be automatically displayed per set conditions and remotely managed via API.

Trigger other actions

Store Occupancy Manager can also trigger other actions to meet different process requirements. It can, for example, switch indication LEDs on and off, play audio messages on connected speakers, control automatic doors, remotely notify a security officer of excess occupancy, or send notifications to external systems over the network.

Basic scheme


Accurate occupancy data

The solution retrieves data from the AXIS Occupancy Estimator or the AXIS People Counter (up to 4 cameras) an in-camera ACAP application As a source of counting data, there are also XOVIS counters supported. Counting cameras are 95-99ccurate, so there is an option for manual correction of actual occupancy data to eliminate differences from real situations in the Store Occupancy Manager app.

Public view monitor via local network

Live video from the camera with added graphics overlays is available on the web page on a local network (all runs inside a camera). The output is shown on a big-screen TV/public monitor with an internet browser (all Smart TVs). There’s no need for an additional computer or internet connection. There are also options for connecting TV screens via HDMI port. Read the Technical guide PDF.

Axis Events compatibility

Store Occupancy Manager generates events directly in the standardized AXIS Events engine. You can use the sophisticated triggering logic that AXIS uses on network cameras. You can switch indication LEDs on and off, play audio messages on connected speakers, or remotely notify a security officer of excess occupancy or any other event-initiated action.

Compatible with many AXIS cameras

The easiest solution is based on AXIS M3064-V Network camera / AXIS M3065-V Network camera where both ACAP apps can run - counting app AXIS Occupancy Estimator or AXIS People Counter and Store Occupancy Manager. Check the compatibility list in the Technical guide PDF.

Simple Integration

The solution can be built independently or as an addition to existing security infrastructure. This solution can also run with current counting cameras and or with current surveillance cameras from AXIS. There are multiple integration options (see Technical guide PDF for details). The solution is VMS agnostic, which makes it ideal for any scenario.

Display up to four overlay graphics

Besides occupancy management, it is possible to simultaneously show other overlay graphics (logos, ads, info, etc.). Note: On ARTPEC-5 cameras, there is a limit of two concurrent overlay graphics and up to four overlays on Ambarella, ARTPEC-6/7 cameras.

Communicate visually using animated GIFs

Store Occupancy Manager can show animated GIFs, which means you can display catchy animations to attract visitors. Need help creating an animation? See the Technical guide PDF. Note: animated GIFs runs only on ARTPEC-6/7 cameras.

Supports text info ticker widget

One of the graphics overlays can be a handy text info ticker. You can display info for your visitors or promote your products directly on a big-screen TV. The displayed text can also be pulled from a text file on your shared marketing drive.

Powerful API at your command

Store Occupancy Manager can also be controlled via its application interface (API), meaning you can configure it remotely or feed it graphics and texts from your network shared drive, all in a matter of seconds.

90-day free trial!

Store Occupancy Manager comes with a free 90-day trial license, so you can try the application before you buy. Download the app and get your trial license at www.camstreamer.com.

Read more in these PDF materials:

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