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What is CamStreamer

CamStreamer is a smart application that runs onboard of an AXIS IP camera and streams live video right to YouTube, Facebook and many other streaming platforms.

How CamStreamer works

CamStreamer leverages the power of an AXIS IP camera and sends live video right to your streaming platform. No need for an extra computer, public IP address or complex configurations.

Ready to start?

Fetch your AXIS IP camera, download and install CamStreamer, activate your trial license and set up your streaming with just a few clicks. Check our step by step guide. See instructions.

“CamStreamer is a fantastic app that makes the network camera stream using YouTube. No need for a CDN and really simple to configure.”

- Martin Gren, Founder of Axis Communications AB

Case studies

Live cameras from the whole world in the palm of your hand.









Our customers


Embedded in camera

CamStreamer is a smart application that runs onboard an AXIS camera. No computer or encoder needed.


Easy configuration

Configuration of your streaming can be done in just a few clicks. We made it as easy as possible for you.


Many platforms

CamStreamer sends properly packed video from an AXIS camera to YouTube, Facebook, Dacast, your own Wowza, etc.


Many protocols

CamStreamer packs your live video into RTMP, MPEG-TS, HLS or Ottvideo and sends it out from your camera.


Excellent video quality

Your video resolution is your choice. Use high frame rates up to 120 frames per second for image capturing.


CamStreamer API

You can integrate CamStreamer with your application or just control it remotely via simple to use commands.



Pay only one-time $299 or €269 for unlimited license or try it for 30 days free. No monthly fees.

Free trial license

You have a great chance to test CamStreamer in its full beauty by use of an unlimited 30 day trial license, which we automatically grant to every new camera for free.

Free for 30 days


Unlimited license

Unlimited license includes all features without limitations. The license is valid for one camera only. The license is not portable between cameras.

$299 or €269


Payment method accepted:

See our local partners. They can help you to select a suitable camera, install the camera and cabling and arrange an Internet connection.

What our customers say about us

  • The CamStreamer application is for us a real saving of time and money for the installation of tourist webcams broadcast in video and in real time on Internet. We highly recommend this application, even novices in network can stream without difficulty.

    Yann TROTEL

  • We have found the perfect solution to our problem, so we are very satisfied with the CamStreamer.

    Czifra Zsolt
    Vision-BorsodWeb Kft.

  • We have used CamStreamer to stream our construction projects to YouTube and this has worked seamlessly on multiple cameras across campus.  The product is easy to install and just works. Set it and forget it.

    Rob Stanford
    Auburn University Facilities Management

  • CamStreamer is a big time and money save for UEB. As a general contractor with many remote projects, we cannot always guarantee that the internet service we are able to order includes a static IP address, and even if it does, it usually costs more. Now we do not need to worry about it. CamStreamer negates the Static IP address requirement and is just as stable as a direct connection used to be, and we don’t need to open up ports on the firewall anymore.

    Nick Crutchfield

  • As a provider of advanced security systems, with high image quality, we use CamStreamer to show this to customers and the public. CamStreamer is also reliable, cost effective.

    Finn Humborstad
    Triangel Security AS


Need our help with installation? Or just download the latest version of CamStreamer for your camera. Do you need any answers to your questions?

Installation guide

Need help with installation? Try our video!



CamStreamer installation package for your IP camera.



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