CamSwitcher App

Upgrades your Axis IP camera to a simple mixing studio.

What is CamSwitcher App?

CamSwitcher App is an ACAP application running on your camera. It can switch between up to five AXIS network cameras and video clips saved on the camera's SD card. Choose master audio and generate a single output video stream in real-time. Switching can be manual, automatic via predefined playlists, or programmed via API commands.

How does CamSwitcher App work?

CamSwitcher App runs on your IP camera without any extra hardware required. The app fetches RTSP video streams from the connected cameras and switches between them. Additionally, you can mix in audio and video clips stored on an SD card. With CamStreamer App, you can stream directly from the camera on various video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and others.

Ready to start?

CamSwitcher App must be installed on a camera with an ARTPEC-6 processor or higher (see compatibility). The rest of the cameras used as additional video and audio sources require at least an ARTPEC-5 chipset with the main H.264 profile (see chipset). You’ll also need a CamStreamer App to stream your video on a streaming platform of your choice.

What you can do with CamSwitcher App?

Create an automatic playlist from multiple video sources solution

Create an automatic playlist from multiple video sources

Combine feeds from multiple cameras into a single livestream. The playlist you create with CamSwitcher App will automatically switch between audio and video sources in a loop.

Switch between live cameras and pre-recorded video solution

Switch between live cameras and pre-recorded video

Perfect solution to lack of streaming content after opening hours: automatically switch between live feed and pre recorded video saved on an SD card.

Use multiple cameras and viewpoints at your live event solution

Use multiple cameras and viewpoints at your live event

Make your live events more dynamic by using multiple cameras and switching between viewpoints and angles in real-time.

Follow the motion with Sport Tracker

Follow the motion with Sport Tracker

Utilize motion detection technology to switch between cameras or view areas. Sport Tracker allows you to set up motion tracking zones and switch between them without any manual input, making the streaming of sports events, mainly basketball, fully automatized. This solution can be applied either through a 4K camera with three motion tracking zones or through three cameras, depending on your hardware set-up.


Live stream with up to five cameras and A/V clips

Automatically switch between live stream and locally saved video.

Complete in-camera solution

All you need is a "master camera" with CamSwitcher App and CamStreamer App installed. Your "master camera" requires internet access, rest of the cameras you wish to use with CamSwitcher App need to be available in the network.

Mobile-first UI for better user experience

User interface of CamSwitcher App was designed with smartphones and tablets in mind. Control your live stream from any device.

Automated and manual switching

Choose how long each video source should be streaming and set source switching to automatic mode. Alternatively, you can change between sources manually in real-time in CamSwitcher App.


Create your own playlists, save them and run them when you want. A playlist can play in a loop for continuous 24/7 switching or you can switch them manually.

Prerecorded A/V clips

Save your video clips and audio tracks on a SD card inserted into your "master camera" and mix them with your live stream.

Consistent audio

When you switch between cameras, for better experience you can play audio from just one of them all the time. Or from an external source. Or you can play the audio track from your SD card all the time without any breaks during switching video sources. Audio from cameras and external devices is synchronized via timestamps.

Durable and powerful IP cameras AXIS

Solution is based on the premium IP cameras AXIS with powerful ARTPEC processors. For the master camera you need to have ARTPEC-6 or 7, for other cameras you need to have an ARPEC-5 or higher processor. Check compatibility here.

Powerful API at your command

CamSwitcher App can also be controlled via its application interface (API), meaning you can switch video sources remotely in a matter of seconds.

Sport Tracker

Set up motion tracking zones and use them as a trigger to switch your stream up with the Sport Tracker feature. The zones can be set up either on one 4K camera or three connected cameras.

30-day free trial!

CamSwitcher App comes with a free 30-day trial license, so you can try the application before you buy. Download the app and get your trial license at

Before purchasing, please check compatibility with your camera in the download section.

Where to buy it?

Start using CamSwitcher App in 3 steps

Download the app Get the free trial Buy the full license

You can buy a license as a one-time payment or a monthly subscription in the CamStreamer Cloud.

Find a reseller or distributor in your country

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