Culture & religion

Share art and prayer.

Close the distance

Gain a bigger audience and share art and prayer with the whole world. Live streaming is a great way to overcome physical distance and share cultural and religious events with those who aren’t able to attend them in person.

Start streaming

Managing a live stream is easy: start streaming with the press of a button. Alternatively, schedule a stream that will go live automatically at a set date and time.

Share more

Use the picture-in-picture technique to easily share the texts of hymns and prayers, making sure everyone is on the same page.

Steps to run our solution

1. Select a camera

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TIP: Use pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras to create a camera tour: choose a series of preset positions and have the camera move between them automatically, pausing at each position for a pre-defined amount of time. Make your camera tour stand out by adding a custom-made graphic overlay with CamOverlay App.

2. App overview

Learn how our apps can improve your live stream.

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3. Choose any platform

Pick a streaming platform that suits your needs.

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