What is NDI®?

NDI® is a protocol developed mainly for the broadcasting sector. The protocol unifies local and IP video sources and reduces latency for seamless livestreaming.

How does it work?

The Plugin utilizes the NDI® 5.x HX2 protocol to display the camera in the network, livestream both in HQ and LQ, and control the tally light as well as PTZ positions.

Ready to start?

Buy a license from Official NDI® marketplace, download our app, and get started. To get the app running, your camera must be equpped with ARTPEC-6/7/8 and FW 10.9 or higher.

What you can do with NDI HX Plugin for Axis cameras?

Network Visibility solution

Network Visibility

The NDI®|HX Plugin makes your camera visible on the network within the NDI® framework. You can set up both an NDI® name and NDI® groups.

Two Video Outputs solution

Two Video Outputs

The Plugin gives you two feeds – an HQ one for livestreaming/public presentation and an LQ for video previews.

Hardware Control solution

Hardware Control

The NDI®|HX Plugin allows control of the camera’s tally light. If you use a digital PTZ camera, the Plugin will let you control its positions.


Embedded in camera

The plugin is running directly in your Axis camera, no additional device is needed.

Livestream Parameters

NDI®|HX Plugin lets you set up the quality of your livestream. You can also select the streaming channel/view area.

Framerate & GOP

The plugin enables customizing framerate and GOP frequency.

Audio Control

NDI®|HX Plugin allows you to turn the audio of your camera on or off.

Broad Compatibility

The plugin uses HX2, which makes it suitable for all compatible cameras and works well even on older models.


NDI®|HX Plugin will transform your AXIS IP camera into a complete broadcasting solution for a fraction of the price.

NDI® Framework

The camera can be used with any compatible NDI® software / hardware such as OBS Studio, vMix or StreamCaster.

Where to buy it?

Start using NDI®|HX Plugin for Axis Cameras in 2 steps

Download the app Buy the full license

For purchasing the full licence you will be redirected to the Official NDI® Products marketplace at ndi.tv.