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Show online how beautiful your surrounding is

The splashing of the waves tempts you to swim, the sunset invites you to simply sit and enjoy the evening. Photos are nice in an ad, but when they come alive in a video stream, your potential customers will feel they are almost there and will be ready to make a reservation!

  • Select the best shot of your environment and stream it 24/7.
  • With a rotating camera, you can view multiple locations in one broadcast.
  • Use CamOverlay App to add your current local weather or an ad for your business.
  • Use a camera shot on your site.

Venice - Life City Camera

The beautiful views of the Pallazo Bembo hotel in Venice are watched by dozens of people at any time. Some of them definitely want to see it with their own eyes, so they are eager to book a stay. The hotel has placed a stream on its website:

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Beach - Petten in Netherlands

With a rotating camera located in Beach Petten, surfers can check the current conditions for their favorite sport, and they’ll know where to go for snacks after surfing.

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Prague - Points of Interests

This camera shows the possibilities of using state-of-the-art technology in tourism. It rotates but stops at interesting points in the historical center of Prague. The embedded dynamic graphics allow visitors to learn important information about the city.

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