5 reasons to have a live tourist cam

10 Dec 2019 | CamStreamer Team

Live cams and live videos are among the most appealing content online. The tourism industry can especially benefit from…

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Slow TV is trending

29 Jul 2019 | CamStreamer Team

Why are 24/7 live streams so popular and how to produce them?

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Quick guide to professional church live streaming

30 Jun 2019 | CamStreamer Team

Learn how to broadcast from your ministry with and CamStreamer App

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Simple and fully automated solution for streaming…

09 Jun 2019 | CamStreamer Team

This time we’ll show you an interesting example of integration from one of our customers, who integrated a scoreboard…

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PTZ compass - widget in CamOverlay App

31 May 2019 | CamStreamer Team

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Trends and tips from NAB Show 2019

30 Apr 2019 | CamStreamer Team

What did we learn at NAB Show 2019? Read it here...

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Traffic surveillance: what you need to know about…

12 Apr 2019 | CamStreamer Team

Traffic surveillance has become one of the most requested fields for network camera vendors and related software…

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Use YouTube Live Events instead of Stream Now!

18 Mar 2019 | CamStreamer Team

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We’re going to be at NAB Show 2019 in Las Vegas –…

28 Feb 2019 | CamStreamer Team

Come and meet us at NAB Show 2019, the largest show for media, entertainment, and technology professionals from April…

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Integration with AXIS A1001 Network Door…

20 Feb 2019 | CamStreamer Team

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Sports: what you need to know about live streaming

22 Jan 2019 | CamStreamer Team

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Churches: what you need to know about live…

10 Jan 2019 | CamStreamer Team

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How to perfect your Christmas tourist live stream…

21 Dec 2018 | CamStreamer Team

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Christmas streets of Prague live from a unique…

10 Dec 2018 | CamStreamer Team

Live streaming from moving objects can be very demanding but rewarding at the same time.

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A guide to getting the most out of Live Gallery

15 Nov 2018 | CamStreamer Team

CamStreamer Live Gallery is a special tool we created to help you on your way to a great live stream. But how do you…

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Easy solution for sport live streaming with real…

27 Aug 2018 | CamStreamer Team

Streaming sports events is gaining more and more popularity these days. Sports clubs, couches, and sports venues have…

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Security cameras can do great things

09 Jul 2018 | CamStreamer Team

Security cameras do a lot of creditable work preventing accidents, eliminating crime, helping catch the bad guys, and…

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How to Choose the Right Video Streaming Solution

22 Jun 2018 | CamStreamer Team

Anyone interested in live streaming needs a video streaming solution to host their live and on-demand content. But how…

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5 reasons we chose to partner with Axis

14 Jun 2018 | CamStreamer Team

Last month, we took a several-hour flight to join the opening of a new Axis Experience Center in Arlington, Virginia.…

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Streaming birds with an eagle eye

16 May 2018 | CamStreamer Team

Live bird streams are among the most popular nowadays! Let’s train an eagle eye on the characteristics of bird…

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6 things we learned at NAB Las Vegas

23 Apr 2018 | CamStreamer Team

We joined the biggest show for media and entertainment and we want to share some ideas. We make content that is useful…

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Live zoo cam: streaming as an online zoo…

26 Mar 2018 | CamStreamer Team

Cameras in pavilions and open spaces make it possible to watch the life of animals, whether they’re loners, in families…

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Stream lectures and events directly to YouTube…

14 Mar 2018 | CamStreamer Team

High-quality stream from an Axis camera directly to YouTube, Facebook, Wowza, Dacast, or Periscope

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Stream from your camera directly to YouTube

07 Mar 2018 | Our guest

No encoder or team of professionals. No weeks spent on preparation and finishing touches

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How to monetize videos

22 Feb 2018 | CamStreamer Team

Turn your video into an effective sales and promotion channel. Thanks to different types of monetization, you can make…

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A how-to guide to live cam promotion. Gain more…

01 Feb 2018 | CamStreamer Team

Video is useless without viewers – whether you’re a hotel streaming a view of the sea from your best suite or an…

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Frame rate per second

31 Jan 2018 | CamStreamer Team

What is FPS? The term FPS (frames per second) refers to the frequency of individual images that are displayed on a…

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Streaming bitrate

31 Jan 2018 | CamStreamer Team

What is bitrate? Simply speaking, bitrate is a term for the speed at which data is transferred. It represents the…

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Recommended cameras for streaming

31 Jan 2018 | CamStreamer Team

Customers often want us to recommend a specific camera model for the stream they’re preparing. This of course differs…

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How to choose the right Axis camera for streaming

31 Jan 2018 | CamStreamer Team

Planning to stream video of landscapes, animals, sports events, or lectures in a university setting? There’s a…

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