What is CamStreamer App

CamStreamer App is a smart application that runs onboard of an AXIS IP camera and streams live video right to YouTube, Facebook and many other streaming platforms.

How CamStreamer App works

CamStreamer App leverages the power of an AXIS IP camera and sends live video right to your streaming platform. No need for an extra computer, public IP address or complex configurations.

Ready to start?

Fetch your AXIS IP camera, download and install CamStreamer App, activate your trial license and set up your streaming with just a few clicks. Check our step by step guide. See instructions.


Embedded in camera

CamStreamer App is a smart appplication that runs onboard of an AXIS camera. No computer or encoder needed.


Easy configuration

Configuration of your streaming can be done in just a few clicks. We made it as easy as possible for you.


Many protocols

CamStreamer App packs your live video into RTMP, MPEG-TS, HLS or SRT and sends it out from your camera.


Many platforms

CamStreamer App sends properly packed video from an AXIS camera to YouTube, Facebook, Dacast, your own Wowza, etc.


Multiple streams

More video streams in different resolutions or streaming to different platforms at once? No problem at all.

Available since version 2.0


Time schedules

Interested in running your stream automatically at specific week times? Do it with CamStreamer App's schedules.


Please take into account that CamStreamer App 1.X for cameras with firmware lower than 6.50 does not include the following functions, which are included in CamStreamer App 3.X: simultaneous streams, deep integration with YouTube and Facebook (playlists, descriptions, tags, preview image), scheduled services, SRT protocol, and HLS for Amazon Kinesis. For more information, we can be reached at sales@camstreamer.com.

Where to buy it?

Start using CamStreamer App in 3 steps


Find a reseller or distributor in your country:

Can not find a partner in your country and would like to become one? Please contact us at sales@camstreamer.com to discuss.

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