Create stunning unlimited time-lapses using your camera’s maximum resolution up to 4K.

What is TimeLapse?

TimeLapse is a CamStreamer Cloud exclusive feature for creating time-lapse videos at the maximal resolution of the camera and unlimited length.

How does TimeLapse work?

TimeLapse periodically takes snapshots according to predefined frequency. Snapshots are uploaded into the cloud with a local backup on the SD card.

Ready to start?

Simply create a free account in the CamStreamer Cloud, get 30-day trial for as many cameras as you want, and start using all our platform’s features, advantages & benefits.

What can you do with TimeLapse?

Create awesome marketing videos

Time-lapse videos are a great marketing tool for promotion. Great for construction projects, events, nature, sports, etc.

Export with just a few clicks

You can choose what parts of the time-lapse to export by selecting a specific time period, such as footage from 7 AM to 5 PM.

Up to 4K resolution supported

Exported time-lapse videos can be up to 4K or the maximum resolution supported by your Axis IP camera.


Custom timelapse image frequency

You can set how often the camera will take a shot and store it in the cloud - from every 5 minutes to 24 hours interval. The length of the timelapse is only limited by the time the camera has the service activated.

Local copy on the SD card

An SD card is used as a backup storage location in case of internet issues.

Auto-sync from SD card

If the connection is weak or broken, images continue to store on the local SD card. When the connection is back, the platform automatically syncs images to the cloud.

One-click export video

You can choose what parts of the timelapse to export and transform into a timelapse by selecting a specific time period, e.g. footage from 7 AM to 5 PM and how long has to be the exported video.

Maximum resolution (up to 4K)

Images for time-lapse are stored in the maximum resolution of your camera. You can easily make high-res time-lapse videos then.

Remote Access included

Access your cameras via the CamStreamer Cloud. Manage them, go to camera settings.

All cloud services and applications require an internet connection and proper firewall settings, click here for more information.

Get Inspired

Time-lapse of the construction of a logistics centre
Manifesto - construction time-lapse video from Anděl, Prague
Time-lapse of ZŠ Prague-Lipence construction site