Sporting events

Sports broadcasting made easy.

Stream easily

Having a great-looking sports broadcast doesn’t require a big budget or special technical skills. All you need is the right camera and apps: you can even schedule the stream to start automatically.

Make it dynamic

Use multiple cameras to add a dynamic feel to your broadcast. Switch between their video feed manually or set up automated switching either through a timer or motion detection via Sport Tracker in CamSwitcher App.

Show match results

Add a scoreboard to your stream and the game is on. Design your own scoreboard background, map text fields and automate it with your scoring system.

Steps to run our solution

1. Select a camera

Browse our selection of best cameras for the job.

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TIP: Use pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras to create a camera tour: choose a series of preset positions and have the camera move between them automatically, pausing at each position for a pre-defined amount of time. Make your camera tour stand out by adding a custom-made graphic overlay with CamOverlay App.

2. App overview

Learn how our apps can improve your live stream.

Our applications

3. Choose any platform

Pick a streaming platform that suits your needs.

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