About CamScripter App

What is CamScripter App

The CamScripter App is a unique application that allows you to run micro apps directly on an Axis IP camera and can help you in situations where Axis Events are not enough. You can choose from presets or tailor-made micro apps.

How CamScripter App works

CamScripter App is an application running inside an Axis network camera. In combination with the CamOverlay App, it allows you to embed any data from any sources into your video.

Ready to start?

You'll need an Axis IP camera with ARTPEC-6 or higher and the CamOverlay App for embedding graphics to video. Install the CamScripter App there and select the preset micro app, make your own or contact us and we'll create an app that is tailor-made to your needs.

What you can do with CamScripter App

Insert data from temperature sensors and counter machines to the video stream.

See who's just come in - insert data from your access system to video.

Connect data from your internal systems and insert them into video. Then you can stream online or use it securely in your VMS.

Example micro apps

It demonstrates you how CamScripter App works.

Make your video more attractive with an embedded graphic clock.

Insert tweets from your Twitter account directly to your stream.

Contact us and we’ll create a tailor-made app that fits your needs.


Add functions to your IP camera

This is the gateway to almost anything that you need your camera to do.

Micro apps run as packages

In the CamScripter App, there are packages that run micro applications.

Universal usage

Choose from preset packages which we continuously add or make your own app in simple JavaScript-based programming language.

Tailor-made apps to fit your specific needs

Just contact us and we’ll create your own tailor-made micro app that will fit your needs exactly.

UI in micro apps

Each application can contain its own UI for configuration in addition to the CamScripter App's UI. It is up to the author of the app to integrate it or not.

Public or private usage

Thanks to the CamStreamer App, output from your camera can be set in RTMP, MPEG-TS, HLS or SRT formats. Then you can stream it online or implement it in your video management software (VMS).

Work even without video embedding

You can also use the CamScripter App as a medium to send data to other non-video systems. You can combine it with video analytics features directly in the camera.

For Developers


Documentation of our library and examples of the app



Code for writing our micro application



API of Axis cameras


Not able to program your micro application but know what you need to achieve?

Contact us at sales@camstreamer.com and we can do it for you. Prices depend on your requirements and how demanding they are.

Before purchasing, please check compatibility with your camera in the download section.

Where to buy it?

Start using CamScripter App in 3 steps


Find a reseller or distributor in your country:

Can not find a partner in your country and would like to become one? Please contact us at sales@camstreamer.com to discuss.

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Resources giving you ideas and inspiration

Have a look at our case studies and practical use cases.

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