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3 ways animal sanctuaries benefit from live streaming

26 May 2020 - 14:53

Running a shelter for orphaned, injured, and sick animals is a challenging pursuit, but there is a way to gain more attention, promote your mission, and establish emotional bonds with your supporters all in one step. We’ve collaborated with animal sanctuaries all over the world, and one thing has been made very clear: live streaming is always a good idea!


Here’s why:

1. You'll find new supporters

You expand your public far beyond your location. You might find supporters all around the world. With live video, you give them the opportunity to be part of your story, even when they’re thousands of miles away.

Moreover, you can easily communicate your cause or call-to-action directly in the live stream. Our CamOverlay App, running directly onboard a camera, lets you share all the important information directly in the live video. Do you want to encourage people to make a donation? Do you want to present new pups ready for adoption? Do you want to let people now that the opening hours have changed? Everything can be done within overlay graphics directly in the live stream.


2. You’ll see what’s usually hidden

While live streaming might seem somehow less attractive than seeing animals up close and in person, that’s only partly true. Some less-socialized or wild animals may suffer from extensive contact with people. Live cams give them space and privacy and let viewers see behavior that’s often hidden to the human eye.

With the right pan-tilt-zoom camera, you can remotely operate the camera to change the angle of the video or zoom in to get incredible detail. Sometimes, truly amazing insights into animal behavior arise. Why? Animals often behave differently when visitors or keepers are standing close by looking at them. On the other hand, animals usually grow used to cameras very quickly, so you get much more natural behavior when watching them by means of live cameras.


3. You'll get a source of attractive content

You get perfect content for your social media and website, which is extremely important seeing as the internet platforms are often the most influential means of communication.

With our CamStreamer App, you can live stream directly on Facebook, YouTube or any other social media or streaming platform. You can even schedule live broadcasts. Streaming from one camera in the morning and another in the evening? No problem whatsoever. Live videos give you an endless source of quality content that’s not only extremely attractive (imagine all these recordings and clips!) but also unique and closely connected to your organization. Needless to say, internet users love you being real time, and social media algorithms do too.


Need a stronger proof of concept?

Read the story of the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and be inspired by how the first and largest koala sanctuary, with 130 koalas and many other Australian animals, benefits from its multiple live cameras.


Or visit our Live Gallery for streaming examples from all over the world.



CamStreamer Team

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