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4 Reasons to Start Livestreaming

20 Sep 2022 - 17:23

Ever since the pandemic, the popularity of livestreams has been on the rise. Sharing unedited content for hours or days at a time went from a niche thing to a full-blown trend. 

Surprisingly, the demand for live content didn’t drop once the world started opening again. Livestreaming found a very good footing mainly in the marketing and entertainment industries. If you’re not sure if livestreaming is the right business venture for you, consider this:

1. The industry keeps growing.

We’ve already talked about the rising popularity of livestreaming, but how popular is it exactly? According to a 2020 Forbes report, livestream viewership grew 99 % during the lockdown. If you prefer to see a different type of metric to get the picture, Market Research Future estimates that by 2027, the livestreaming industry will be worth over 247 billion dollars. If there ever was a time to get into livestreaming, it’s now.

2. Livestreams are more attractive than pre-recorded content.

The biggest advantage of livestreaming is its ability to hold people’s attention. According to a Forrester report, people generally watch live videos 10–20× longer than prerecorded content and VODs. Interactive Advertising Bureau adds that 7 out of 10 people with a habit of watching livestreams do it every day while the New York Magazine points out that 4,8 % of people prefer live videos to blog articles.

3. 5G makes 4K videos more accessible.

5G stands for 5th generation of broadband cellular networks which is characterized by higher bandwidth, faster download, and better connection quality in crowded areas. That makes 4K livestreaming more accessible to viewers. As Hello Future puts it, we are one step closer to watching seamless livestreaming on our phones in the car or on the train, which is great news for streamers and their profit margins.  

4. Livestreams can be easily monetized. 

We’ve already written about the possibilities of livestream monetization via selected platforms. But those are not the only ways to earn money while livestreaming. Another option is to utilize QR codes as a form of fundraising. The QR code will send the viewer directly to the payment. It’s a fantastic option for those who prefer to have their earnings under absolute control. You can learn how to add QR codes to your livestream with CamStreamer apps in our academy.

CamStreamer Team

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