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5 reasons we chose to partner with Axis

14 Jun 2018 - 09:21

Last month, we took a several-hour flight to join the opening of a new Axis Experience Center in Arlington, Virginia. What did we see there? The latest in digital video technology, innovation, creativity, the market’s broadest portfolio … and more than a few cameras, of course. We’d like to share our impressions of the new center with you and take this as an opportunity to answer a fundamental question: Why did we choose Axis to provide THE cameras for our streaming applications?.

Experiencing Axis

The new Axis Experience Center (AEC) in Arlington is the perfect model to demonstrate our point. There are several AECs located around the globe (Lund, Boston, Munich, Chicago, Los Angeles, Rotterdam, etc.). Until the beginning of May, there were seven AECs in North America alone. The Axis Experience Center in Arlington, the 8th AEC in the North America, had its grand opening on May 3. We can say without hesitation that the brand-new Experience Center left us in wide-eyed wonder. It’s one of the most beautiful showrooms we’ve seen so far (and we’ve seen a few). Add the roughly 300 professionals – partners, resellers, distributors, and many others – who visited the event, and you have the perfect opportunity to present our unrivaled live streaming applications.

The Axis Experience Center in Arlington features a state-of-the-art showroom and security operations center and is designed for the live viewing and testing of Axis solutions as well as those of ecosystem partners. The facility is huge, and in addition to a 28-person Axis Academy training and certification center, conference space, and a community room for casual networking, extra space is dedicated to solutions and analytics for key segments in this business area. Simply put, it’s an intriguing mosaic that only a firmly established company with a broad portfolio and strong partners can piece together.

AXIS Arlington

CamStreamer’s Axis of cooperation

In a nutshell, the Axis Experience Center in Arlington mirrors the essence of the company we’ve chosen as our partner. Here’s how:

AXIS ip cameras

1. It’s innovative

Axis is undoubtedly a video technology market leader, and through the Experience Centers, the company shares its mission with partners and customers worldwide. Futuristic and visionary concepts are the core of this attitude. That’s what we have in common. Together with Axis, we want to be first with the latest trends and don’t want to stay on the sidelines..

2. It’s driven

There’s no need to say the numbers: Axis Communications’ business has been rising in key markets. About 60% of the company’s sales originate in the USA, which is also a key market area for CamStreamer. That’s more than a good base for a successful partnership. The potential we see is enormous.

CamStreamer table
CamStreamer stnad 2

3. It’s a leader

It was the people from Axis Communications who invented the industry’s first network camera back in 1996. In 2004, the company introduced the AXIS 206, then the smallest network camera. We could continue, but the point would be the same: When it comes to IP cameras and video surveillance, Axis is the leader. Our solution is unique in a world-wide perspective as well. A perfect match, isn’t it?

4. It’s reliable

Based on years of cooperation, we know Axis as a reliable and responsive partner. And that’s what you want.

5. It’s open

Last but not least, Axis offers the so-called Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP), an open application platform that enables certain developers to create applications that you can download and install on Axis network cameras and video encoders. CamStreamer is one such application. Making the camera interface available to third parties means creating a space for innovation and unique solutions. Who’s benefiting most? The customer, of course. Thanks to this open platform, all of your specific needs can be met!


So, now you know. This article isn’t meant to be an Axis anthem. Rather, we wanted to explain that the inevitable prerequisite of CamStreamer embedded applications – meaning the streaming camera – is a quality product. With Axis, we’re sure of that quality.

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