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How to set-up integration of World Air Quality Index

18 Mar 2021 - 10:37

Not only are we able to embed data into a live stream from score tables, individual meteorological stations, transit servers, or temperature and internal sensors – this time, we’d like to show you another interesting integration! Air quality is a highly discussed issue around the world. That’s why we were asked by the sales engineer of Axis Communications about the possibility of embedding current data on air quality directly into the live stream.

What do you need?

Tip: Get a free 30-day license on www. camstreamer.com. Try everything out before making a one-time purchase of the license.

Steps to run it:
  1. Download the zip file package aqi_app.zip with our script here: https://github.com/CamStreamer/ CamScripterApp_packages_to_use

  2. Install the CamOverlay App and CamScripter App on your camera – download it here: https://camstreamer.com/download-app

  3. Upload the zip package name aqi_app.zip to the CamScripter App. Use the button ADD NEW PACKAGE and start the application and configure it via the gear icon

  4. In the configuration: fill in the password of the camera, the token for AQI API (you can generate it on the displayed link), and your location (it’s best to check it via the AQI website, but usually just the name of the location works, e.g. „London“).

    Tips: Fill in the name of the location displayed in the widget and set the position of your widget, e.g. top right corner.

  5. Graphics are generated directly by the CamScripter App.

If you have a request for a tailor-made micro-application to be created for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us: support@camstreamer.com

Case study: Information on air quality directly in the live stream thanks to the CamScripter App

Download the PDF here.


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