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All Applications in One Bundle for Cloud Users

27 Mar 2023 - 10:48

You now can add a bundle of all CamStreamer apps to your monthly cloud services for $30 (or 30 €) per camera per month. Just subscribe to one of our cloud solutions and start using CamStreamer App, CamOverlay App, CamSwither App & CamScripter App for the best price.

It’s worth it! With the Remote Access cloud service, that means you can remotely manage your camera, get health alerts, use all CamStreamer apps, and control them any time via the Control Panel feature in the CamStreamer Mobile app – all for only $39.90 (or 39.90 €) per camera per month.

Benefits of Apps Subscription via Cloud

Subscribing to our cloud services and CamStreamer applications enables you to giddy up your live streaming with unprecedented freedom and flexibility.

    No strings attached

Are you constantly developing your streaming solution? Subscribing to CamStreamer Cloud and apps gives you extra freedom as application licenses are no more tied to a specific camera and its serial number. Finally, you are free to change your streaming camera at any time. No more lifetime, just monthly commitment.

    More flexibility

As a subscriber, you can add, remove, change, or upgrade your cloud services and applications at any time. It means that you only pay for what you really use. Finally, you can experiment and improve with ease of mind.

    Great value for money

Once a subscriber, all four CamStreamer apps for endless streaming opportunities are available for only $30 (or 30 €) per camera per month. With CamStreamer Cloud services starting at $9.90 (or 9.90 €) per month, that is just $39.90 (or 39.90 €) per month for the Remote Access cloud solution (remote access and management of your Axis camera via a browser or mobile app) and all our smart applications for streaming.

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Subscribe to CamStreamer Cloud and Get:

1. Your preferred cloud solution

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from 4 options of cloud subscriptions, starting at $9.90 (or 9.90 €) with Remote Access.

With Remote Access you can access, manage, and control your Axis camera any time you want – all you need is an internet browser or our mobile app. The service includes dashboards, user roles, and camera status watchdog and alerts.

Learn more about CamStreamer Cloud


2. All CamStreamer apps for maximum streaming possibilities

When a cloud subscriber, you can add all our CamStreamer apps to your subscription. You can then easily manage your CamStreamer applications via Control panel in your mobile app.

Do you wish to live stream to social media? Add overlay graphics? Switch clips and cameras? Display external data? Everything is possible with an all-in bundle of CamStreamer apps.

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What’s in the Bundle?

CamStreamer App

Want to broadcast live directly from the Axis camera to your chosen platform? CamStreamer App is all you need.


CamOverlay App

Perfect your live stream with dynamic overlay graphics such as weather forecast, scoreboard, or info ticker. With CamOverlay App, it's never been easier.


CamSwitcher App

Switch between live streams from connected cameras or play prerecorded videos from a camera’s SD card with CamSwitcher App.


CamScripter App

When you need to add something extra, CamScripter App enables running micro apps directly onboard an Axis camera and integrating data from external sources into live views.

Ready to Start Using CamStreamer Cloud Services?

1. Login to the CamStreamer Cloud, or create a new account
2. Connect your Axis camera via a simple wizard
3. Select services and add all CamStreamer apps in one bundle


Prefer a One-time Payment for Life?

No worries, you can still buy camera lifetime licenses – individually or in cost-saving bundles.

See pricing

* Your camera may not support all applications in the package. Check compatibility here.

CamStreamer Team

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