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The ARTPEC-8 Chipset: Another Step on the Path to Excellence

20 Sep 2022 - 15:04

Axis Communication released a new generation of their custom-designed system-on-chip (SoC). The ARTPEC-8 is built upon ARTPEC-7 improvements and brings fantastic imagining, even better security measures, and impressive compression. The first cameras based on the ARTPEC-8 are AXIS Q3536-LVE, AXIS Q3538-LVE, and AXIS Q1656-LE.

“With ARTPEC-8, Axis is leading the way toward a new era of exciting analytics based on deep learning on the edge,” said
Johan Paulsson, Chief Technology Officer of Axis Communications. The new chip’s computing power allows for using most analytical tools on the market and combined with its 100% optimization for HQ network video, the ARTPEC-8 is an absolute powerhouse. 

AXIS cameras with Artpec-8

A Huge Step for In-camera Analytics

Above mentioned deep learning on the edge means that machine learning takes place directly in the AXIS camera. Simply put, with a correctly optimized chipset such as the ARTPEC-8, a camera can analyze data without the help of additional hardware, which saves bandwidth and bypasses latency, making the whole process easier and more efficient. That is especially useful when dealing with sensitive data, which the camera sends off already anonymized. Moreover, deep learning on the edge opens up a whole array of possibilities regarding in-camera applications for object recognition.  

An Incredible Image Quality

The ARTPEC-8 utilizes both Axis Lightfinder 2.0 and Axis Forensic WDR for combating bad lighting conditions. This results in HQ network video footage and expands both the surveillance and livestreaming capabilities of AXIS IP cameras. With the ARTPEC-8, livestreaming with the CamStreamer App is smoother than ever.

Cybersecurity at its Finest

Developing system-on-chip in-house gives Axis Communication full control of the product, which means a higher level of cybersecurity. Like the previous model, the ARTPEC-8 is equipped with signed firmware and a secure boot. Apart from that, it supports Edge Vault and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on selected models.

ARTPEC-8 & CamStreamer

So, what does all of this mean for CamStreamer ACAP in-camera apps? Good things only. All our applications are fully compatible with the ARTPEC-8 chipset. That means they are able to utilize it to its full capacity resulting in fantastic image quality and even smoother livestreams. 

CamStreamer Team

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