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New Control Panel feature: Manage your streaming apps on the go

31 Mar 2023 - 15:09

Would you like to control your CamStreamer applications on the go? What if you could turn your live streams on and off, edit visual information in the video, or switch between cameras with just your mobile phone, whenever you need?

From now on, all this is possible thanks to Control Panel, a new functionality of our CamStreamer Mobile app.

Read on for more details about this feature that will boost your streaming flexibility.

Control Panel Features

Control Panel is a brand-new functionality added to our CamStreamer Mobile app. Once you subscribe to Remote Acces or any other cloud service from CamStreamer, this feature enables you to control in-camera applications from CamStreamer and get the most of them – whenever you need, wherever you are.

Control panel in CamStreamer mobile app

CamStreamer AppCamStreamer App

  • See a listing of all live streams
  • Watch a preview of a live stream
  • Turn a live stream on/off or pause it
  • Switch to the app’s UI in the camera (mobile web browser needed)

CamStreamer AppCamOverlay App

  • See a listing of all created overlays
  • Turn an overlay on/off
  • Edit infoticker/overlay text content

CamStreamer AppCamSwitcher App

  • Switch between cameras/video clips/audio
  • Create playlists

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Typical Use Cases


Sports matches

Sports matches are often dynamic events with an unpredictable course of action. With the Control Panel feature, you can start, pause, or stop live streaming, manually enter the score, switch between cameras, or even play a commercial jingle. All this right at the venue, with just a mobile phone in your pocket.

Churches, concerts, and other scheduled events

You can plan as you want, but there’s always a bit of unpredictability when it comes to live streaming an event. Control Panel gives you peace of mind as you can trigger a live stream at a certain time with just your mobile phone. In case the event is postponed, you can also provide the viewers with up-to-date information about the program via infoticker on the spot.


Unpredictable events

Control Panel gives you extra control in case of uncontrollable events. This is especially useful when streaming wildlife, animals, or nature in general. Are the eggs already hatching? With Control Panel, you can quickly switch between cameras or manually update visual overlay information in the live stream on the go.

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