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Displaying data from an electronic scale in video from an IP camera

13 Feb 2020 - 16:53

We’ve prepared a demonstration of how easy it is to display external data thanks to our CamScripter App and CamOverlay App directly in the camera image.

For this demonstration, we’ve selected an electronic digital scale, which has an RS232 serial port. We’ve connected the scale via a serial cable into the RS232 to WiFi converter (this can also be done into Ethernet). Our applications in the Axis camera will take care of the rest.

This demonstration shows how easy it is to enter data directly into the camera image. No computer or server is necessary – everything happens inside the camera. The digital scale is only an example of the many things that can serve as a source of data. The micro application in the CamScripter App can easily send data or events to another system.


We’ve written a micro application for the CamScripter App that takes data from the scale. The converter works as a TCP server and through it we query the RS232 series port of the digital scale. The frequency of queries is set in the micro application.

We then input data into the video’s image using the Custom Graphics in the CamOverlay App. Two fields to which the CamScripter micro application sends data are mapped on the translucent image – one for the value of the scale and the other for the unit of measurement.

The API CamOverlay App is used to update the data


The code of the micro application has 69 lines and takes only a couple of hours to create. The whole source code of this use case is available here


Used hardware

Download the PDF brochure here.

Check our setup video here.

Check our demo video here

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