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Elevate Your Sports Broadcasting Experience with CamStreamer's Innovative Solution 🎥⚾🏀🏒

23 Jun 2023 - 11:23

Stay ahead of the game by leveraging the power of CamStreamer's user-friendly and affordable live-streaming solution. We designed it specifically for smaller sports venues, lower league clubs, and university sports clubs; our technology eliminates the need for expensive equipment and large teams. 

Simplicity and Affordability 

The unique aspect of CamStreamer's offering lies in its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Without the need for professional production or expensive tech, we've already helped numerous global customers broadcast sports like baseball, basketball, and hockey seamlessly. Our innovative solution's ease of use, automation, and low costs compared to traditional broadcasting services are what sets us apart. 

Unleashing the Power of Axis Communications Cameras

Our streaming solution stands on the strong shoulders of Axis Communications cameras. Initially designed for the security segment, we unlock their potential as powerful streaming devices. Thanks to our in-camera applications and software, you can stream directly from the camera to various streaming platforms and add dynamic graphics to the live video. 

Features of CamStreamer's Solution

Live Streaming

We provide live streaming to various platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Wowza, Dacast, Vimeo, and more.

Dynamic Scoreboard Overlays

Our solution offers multiple ways to insert a live scoreboard into your video stream:
  • Manual Updating: Use our mobile app to input scores manually.
  • Existing Score System Connection: Sync with iScoreSports, Sportzcast, or ScoreBird.
  • Custom Integration: Blend your score system as an HTML page.
  • Picture-in-Picture: Dedicate a camera to the scoreboard and display it alongside the central footage. Digital alignment of scorboard – Dewarping – included.

Automated camera/view area switching:

Our Sports Tracker function can automatically switch between different view areas on one camera or from multiple cameras based on the movement on the field.

Advertisement Playback:

Play ads or jingles from video files stored on the camera's SD card.

Graphics Switching:

Insert and switch between graphics such as logos or promotional offers.

Promos or Actual Info:

Communicate with viewers vis text info ticker. 

Stream Control:

Start live streams manually via our mobile app or web browser with a physical button, or schedule them to start automatically at planned times (popular for recurrent training).

Cloud Recordings

Get 30-day Full HD Cloud Recordings (up to 4K on SD card in the camera) or coaches, referees, and highlights downloads.

Our software also allows for the remote management of multiple cameras or sports venues when connected to CamStreamer Cloud

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Getting Started 

Embarking on your live-streaming journey with us is straightforward. All you need is the following:

  1. An internet connection
    4 Mbps of upload speed for each Full HD live stream is recommended.

  2. Axis Communications camera, e.g.:
    AXIS P3265-LVE Dome Camerawhich is excellent for sport because of its durability, Full HD resolution, excellent in low light conditions, and powerful processor, MSRP $749,
    Or AXIS P3268-LVE Dome Camera is the same model but with 4K resolution, allowing more view areas in Full HD from one camera, MSRP $1,049.

  3. CamStreamer applications 
    CamStreamer App, CamOverlay AppCamSwitcher App and CamScripter App
    $39,90 per camera per month (incl. with Remote Access via CamStreamer Cloud).
    Note: If you don't want to use cloud features, you can buy lifetime licenses for these apps for $799 per camera.

  4. Optionally: 30-day Cloud Recordings for coaches, referees, and highlights downloads.
    $29,90 per camera per month (incl. with Remote Access via CamStreamer Cloud).

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Case Studies 

Dive into our case studies to see how sports clubs around the world are revolutionizing their broadcasting with CamStreamer:


As technology progresses, sports clubs and venues need to keep pace. CamStreamer offers an innovative and affordable solution that can transform how you broadcast sports. Contact us today to learn how we can help your venue shine in the digital age. 


Schedule a convenient time and date that best suits you. Our BDM Pavel Kotyza will be happy to share all the features and discuss your needs and expectations.

or send us an email at sales@camstreamer.com


CamStreamer Team

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