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How to perfect your Christmas tourist live stream with overlay infographics

21 Dec 2018 - 12:36

Tourism is, without a doubt, a field where live streaming brings undeniable benefits. While the first-ever live webcam broadcast a coffee percolator 25 years ago, as time went on, holiday destinations, cities, monuments, and everyone in the tourism business realized the huge potential of live streaming. Based on our recent installation in Prague’s Old Town Square, we’d like to show you how to utilize the features our applications offer.

How can a tourist destination benefit from a live stream

A total of 1.32 billion. That’s the number of international tourist arrivals worldwide, and it’s increased steadily almost every year. In one of the largest industries in the world (with a global economic contribution of over 7.6 trillion US dollars in 2016), everyone wants their piece of the pie. At the same time, more and more people spend their time online – and this is true for every step of the process. People plan online, pay online, book online, and find inspiration online as well.

This means that being visible in the world of the Internet is one of the crucial steps in the business. And live streaming can help a lot. Most of the main tourist destinations offer dozens of online live broadcasts from their most famous sights and remarkable places. Real-time video inspires people to add a particular destination to their bucket list and keeps the connection with those who visited once – and love to come back virtually.

Add more to your live stream with tailor-made infographics

Nevertheless, live streaming can offer much more than ‘just’ a beautiful image. The broadcast we’ve recently installed in Prague’s Old Town Square is a perfect example of creating a live stream with significant added value.

Old Town Square in Prague, Czechia, is one of the city’s most popular tourist spots. The square is literally bursting with history, with some of the buildings dating to the 13th century. The owner of the stream, Prague City Tourism, wanted the stream to communicate the uniqueness of this historical place and demonstrate the exceptional atmosphere during Christmastime. It turned out to be the perfect task for our smart applications!

The camera used for the live stream is the AXIS 1435-LE. This camera offers HD TV 1080p resolution and excellent image quality day and night. The CamStreamer App is used for broadcasting to the YouTube Live streaming platform. The CamOverlay App makes it possible to display a new weather widget based on the popular AccuWeather platform. The main attraction, however, are infographics commenting on the sights in the live stream. Directly in the video, you can read interesting information about the most important objects of interest, including the 22-meter-tall Christmas tree!

The Old Town Square live broadcast is proof that, with the right tools, live streams can enhance every aspect of a destination. Find out for yourself!




CamStreamer Team

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