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Monetizing Live Streams: Unleashing Potential with CamStreamer

16 Oct 2023 - 17:58

Welcome to the world of live streaming, where your AXIS IP camera is more than just a camera; it's a potential revenue stream! If you're a user of AXIS IP cameras, CamStreamer has some exciting opportunities for you to delve into.

4 Ways How You Can Monetize Your Streams


Encourage your audience to support your streaming efforts. With on-screen prompts, viewers can donate directly using online payment systems.

Forward Users to Your Website

Incorporate a QR code overlay on your stream. This can redirect users to your website, where you can promote products, and services, or gather user information for future campaigns.

Memberships & Freemium

Partner your AXIS Camera with the CamStreamer App and a YouTube Partner Account to unlock member-only features. For instance, you can offer higher resolution streams, member-only chat, or ad-free experiences to paying members. This not only incentivizes memberships but also creates a community around your stream.

Promotional Overlays & Ads

Integrate graphic overlays into your stream. This can range from advertisements and special deals to calls to action. Offer members an ad-free experience as an added benefit.

Why Choose CamStreamer?


Ease of Setup

Only an Axis camera is needed. No additional hardware or software required. Our in-camera apps provide an effortless setup, making live streaming manageable for everyone.

Global Reach

Stream your content to major platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Dacast, Vimeo, AWS, Wowza and more without a hitch.


Enhance your streams with weather updates, scoreboards, custom graphics, or an info ticker. Whether you want to display temperature sensors' data or create custom dynamic text, we've got you covered.


Switch with Ease

Create an automated playlist and seamlessly switch between live feeds and pre-recorded videos.

Everything is processed inside the camera, making it a powerful tool in your video production arsenal. Discover the world of opportunities with us at CamStreamer.com.


Real-World Examples of Live Streaming Monetization with CamStreamer

1. Trains Spotting at Prague Main Station

Viewers can enjoy a live 24/7 broadcast of the bustling Prague Main Train Station with just one camera setup. An exclusive HD stream and a member-only chat feature are available for members while broadcasting directly from the AXIS IP camera on multiple platforms. Live PA train station audio is also integrated, and inserting of promo overlays and clips is also active on this camera.

This is a demonstration of how a single Axis camera can send 2 simultaneous streams thanks to CamStreamer apps - one with lower resolution and overlay graphics for the public and for free, and the other in top quality and resolution, with no ads and with chat options for paid memberships.  Here is a diagram for illustration:

2. Feed Hungry Hens

Imagine feeding hens in real-time via a YouTube chat! With three cameras in one live stream, viewers can engage as hens react to feed commands. The creator offers packages for purchase on stripe.com. Upon buying, users get credits to activate treats for the hens. Each treat is dispensed thanks to the donor on-screen via the CamOverlay App API.

CamStreamer App live streams the feed to YouTube, CamOverlay App provides all the overlay graphics, and CamScripter App runs the custom script on the camera to fetch the custom and real-time data such as the name of the last donor and number of eggs collected per day.

For a comprehensive understanding, check out the creator's video demonstration and read the description "under the video".

3. Catch a Flight at Prague Airport

This setup displays real-time Flightradar data and plays video clips directly from an SD Card, all while streaming on multiple platforms.
CamStreamer App running in the camera mixes the live airport tower audio with live feed and the stream to multiple platforms directly. The CamOverlay App adds all the graphic overlays, including Flightradar data, CamSwitcher inserts short jingles and video clips from the camera's SD, and CamScripter fetches the API real-time data such as weather, Flightradar information via custom scripts running in camera.

4. QR in Melbourne Zoo redirects to the membership website

Scroll the timeline in the live stream to see various graphic overlays' different day/night setups. When animals sleep at night, the video pictures a QR code with instructions. You can also see AXIS Privacy Mask applied on the sidewalk. CamStreamer App pushes the feed to YouTube, and the CamOverlay App, with scheduled overlays, provides day/night design with, e.g., a QR code with the link to a pre-recorded keeper's video during the night. PiP from another camera and an info-ticker with Feeding show information is also used.

In Summary

With CamStreamer, the potential to monetize your live streams is limitless. Whether through donations, exclusive member-only content, promotional overlays, or driving traffic to your website, you can turn your AXIS IP camera into a lucrative venture.

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