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For Retail: Monitor what's happening at the checkout thanks to the POS screen in the video.

29 Nov 2023 - 15:46

Observe the real-time checkout screen directly in the surveillance camera feed. Examine cashier behavior regarding processing items/goods. Thanks to this solution, you can see that no fraud is occurring.

How does it work?

How does it work?

You can connect the cash register to the camera in two ways: hardware or software



Any cash register can be easily connected to the camera by hardware. Using a classic HDMI cable, you join the Kiloview E2 – H.264 HDMI to IP Wired Video Encoder device to the cash register, which is connected to the network simultaneously and then transmits the image from the cash register or its section to the camera. The encoder can be connected separately to the HDMI output, or it can send the signal without delay via a second HDMI cable.
Check out the use case to read more details.



If you have a PC cash register with Windows installed, it's even more accessible. At checkout, you can use the freely available software ShareX and install the screenshot you want to share.
Check out the use case to read more details.

How does it look in action?

In the video, you can watch how the purchase is made at the checkout. Marked items added to the checkout screen are displayed legibly directly in the camera video. This allows immediate visual inspection during remote monitoring. Did you miss being at your computer and suspect some transactions don't match? You can review everything in the recordings on our CamStreamer platform.

For a detailed idea, we recommend you watch our video on YouTube, where you can see an example of an actual installation and also a demonstration example of the hardware connection between the cash register and the camera.

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