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How easy is it to insert a QR code into your live stream?

30 Nov 2020 - 16:53

Why have a QR code directly in your video? It’s a great tool to redirect your viewers to your website, video or specific product. With a QR code, you can also ask for support, as it can be linked directly to a paywall. This solution can be used in all areas, for example in zoos or for streaming concerts. In addition, you can get useful statistics, as the data can be linked to Google Analytics. We’ll show you how to do this.

What do you need?

Tip: A free 30-day license can be acquired at www.camstreamer.com. Try everything out before paying for the license.

Tip: If you want to redirect your viewers to a payment gate, PayPal will generate a QR code for payment, you must set up account here. Then embed the image into the video according to the instructions on How to add a QR code to a livestream below.

How to create QR code: 

 1. There are many websites that QR codes can be created for. Choose one that suits you. We recommend e.g. http://goqr.me/

2. Here you can create a QR code for free. Just select the option for entering a URL.

3. Insert the copied URL (with optional UTM parameter). Press the DOWNLOAD button to save automatically generated QR code.

4. Set the requested size of the image (400 pixels is enough); here you can also select the color of the code. Then download it in PNG format.

How to add QR code to livestream: 

1.  Sign in to AXIS camera’s web interface. In the Apps tab, install the CamOverlay App.

2. In the CamOverlay App platform, select the “Show Images” widget.

3. Upload your QR code using the IMAGE MANAGER. Use the CHOOSE FILES option and select the required file. Confirm your image selection by clicking on UPLOAD & CLOSE.

4. Close the IMAGE MANAGER.

5. Now you can embed graphics into the video by clicking on ADD OVERLAY.

6. Select the current QR code from the selection, set a position for it in the video, and save everything.

7. Once you’ve saved all changes, the QR code will appear directly in the video. Then point your mobile phone at it with its camera turned on, and the required website will appear.

Tip: You can easily display QR CODE and other elements (like logo etc.) in you stream by managing picture overlay list. Inserting transparent pixel to the loop with pictures will help you achieve short-term displaying of QR CODE if you want to display it alone. Or you can turn it with other elements - you are able to define time, position and other details of choosen elements.

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital analytics software. It is Google’s free web analytics service that allows you to analyze in-depth detail about the visitors on your website. It provides valuable insights that can help you to shape the success strategy of your business.

Tracking code is a simple element that can be placed inside of QR Code. Thanks to Google Analytics, we can define audience redirected from this source and therefor obtain valuable data.

Track viewers in Google Analytics 

1. Find a URL generator with UTM parameters using your browser. For example https://ga-dev-tools. appspot.com/campaign-url-builder/.

2. Fill up the necessary information. Fields marked by* are crucial for correct function of Google Analytics.

3. Copy the link and paste it into the relevant window of the QR creator webpage. The process is the same. 

4. Once you’ve inserted the QR code into the video in CamOverlay App, viewers scan it with a mobile phone. QR code will redirect them to your website and viewers are simply tracked by Google Analytics. Done! Now you know how to use a new function that will enrich your livestream.

Tip: If you’d rather watch a video tutorial, the whole process is described by our BDM Pavel Kotyza in an episode of his CamStreamer Talks. YouTube channel CamStreamer Talks is designed to provide better experience and understating of our products.

Examples of how to use a QR code directly in a live stream

“People from other time zones found themselves watching live streams while the animals were asleep. That’s why we used overlay graphics and a QR code directly in our live stream, which reroutes viewers to a pre-recorded video. The feedback that we’ve received via e-mail has been hugely positive. Our members love the interviews with our keepers.”

Gigi Silk
Digital Communications Manager
Zoo Victoria, Melbourne

QR codes were used for both concerts, redirecting viewers to a payment gateway allowing them to support the Zemlinsky Quartet. “The online concerts have several hundred views. Recordings with a payment method will remain saved in YouTube’s archive, so people can make a contribution not only during the concert and after it’s finished, but throughout the year.”

Petr Holman
a member of the Zemlinsky Quartet

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