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Security cameras can do great things

09 Jul 2018 - 16:25

Episode 1: Letting minority voices be heard

Security cameras do a lot of creditable work preventing accidents, eliminating crime, helping catch the bad guys, and making us feel safer in general. However, security isn’t the only deed these cameras can do, and we want you to know about it. The year 2018 is one of sharing, and sharing means live streaming. Speaking of that, the AXIS camera and CamStreamer app are the perfect combo for almost any streaming occasion – even those you’d never expect!

Making assistance a lifestyle

“Assistance as a lifestyle” was an event organized by Asistence o.p.s. and the Václav Havel Library. The mission of Asistence o.p.s. is to break down internal and external barriers in the lives of people with disabilities. The organization has several instruments to help it achieve this goal: they help clients lead an active life by engaging them in educational, sports, or cultural activities; they mediate contact between peers and people for whom it can be mutually beneficial; last but not least, they try to impact the environment and make it friendlier for people with disabilities. Organized in cooperation with the Václav Havel Library, which focuses on people, events, and phenomena related to the legacy of Václav Havel and topics linked with prosperous civic society, the event’s main goal was to bring assistants and people with disabilities together and let them share their experiences with the challenges they encounter every day. The Václav Havel Library, which hosted the event, was the perfect venue: the library advances issues and topics that arise in civil society, and its mission is to promote self-reflection and professional analysis. In order to mediate the important message to people online as well, Asistence o.p.s. and the Václav Havel Library decided to live stream the debate.

Indoor streaming perfection

It was important to select a camera best suited to the indoor setting and high-quality audio requirements. The AXIS V5915 (new model is V5925) camera was chosen because its designed for direct broadcasting. Thanks to a 30× optical zoom and smooth shift, it’s also suitable for large halls. Moreover, the camera features an open interface that makes it easy to integrate with other systems. The audio track from the mixing console was connected via a wireless RODELink Filmmaker Audio System. The embedded CamStreamer application enabled high-quality streaming for viewers on Facebook. “Both the audio and video quality of the live stream were excellent and perfectly adapted to our needs,” says Erik Čipera of Asistence o.p.s.

Accessibility is not a matter of course

Asistence o.p.s. runs a campaign called asistujeme.cz to address future assistants for clients with disabilities. The communication channels are diverse and include spots, assistant profiles in social media, and mainstream media outputs. “Our experience with university students has been great,” explains Mr. Čipera. Live streaming has proven to be the perfect platform for reaching potential assistants – in the Czech Republic, students are the most active Facebook users. Not only can live streaming spread the message easily and effectively, it’s also the perfect tool for reaching the people you want to talk to.

Thanks to live streaming, the event was accessible to everyone online,” says Barbora Hanková of the Václav Havel Library, and she concludes: “We would like to live stream similar events in the future.” As we all are the ones designing the environment we live in, it’s important to remember that some people face barriers every day. In this case, live streaming brought this message to thousands of people.

Asistence 01

Stay tuned for more examples of unconventional and successful live streams.

CamStreamer Team

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