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Subscription or Lifetime License? Choose the Right Solution for Your Business

02 Jan 2023 - 11:51

With the release of the CamStreamer Cloud, CamStreamer ACAP in-camera apps are offered in two payment modes: a monthly subscription and a lifetime license. While both of the options offer full access to the app’s functionalities, the subscription model can be obtained only through the CamStreamer Cloud. 

Should You Get a Monthly Subscription?

Our monthly subscription is ideal for businesses that work on a seasonal basis. With CamStreamer Cloud, you can pick and mix the CamStreamer apps and cloud services you want to use and deactivate them when you’re not using them. The model also allows you to utilize different apps for different business needs

The monthly subscription model is also fantastic for those who have not yet decided on a final form of their livestreams and want to experiment beyond the trials

Should You Get a Lifetime License? 

The lifetime license is great for businesses with consistent plans that don’t require various sets of tools. Applications obtained through the lifetime license can be easily connected with CamStreamer Cloud, so you don’t have to choose one or the other. 

The lifetime license is also the way to go if you want to use the CamScripter App, a tool for running custom micro-apps in your AXIS IP camera.

What’s the Pricing?

With CamStreamer Cloud, you can get all of our apps (except for the CamScripter App) in cost-saving bundles. You’ll also acquire remote access to all cameras, user management, and watchdog alerts. With the lifetime licenses, the service will be yours for the camera’s lifespan with free upgrades and 1-year free support. Moreover, there are cost-saving bundles and no hidden fees.

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