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How to set-up windy.com in the CamStreamer App

23 Mar 2021 - 10:37

We have added the new Windy service to the  CamStreamer App – it’s another great way to raise awareness of your live stream, as the image from your camera will be placed on the interactive map that windy.com app users can use to connect to the displayed weather data with a real image from the location of your online stream.

The CamStreamer App doesn’t broadcast a live stream but captures an image every 15 minutes that are sent to windy.com. People can then play a time-lapse video from the captured images.  

What is WINDY.COM?

A web service that connects thousands of various weather data sources (depicting weather strength, rainfall intensity, lightning, etc.). People from around the world connect their web cameras to the windy.com application, allowing its interactive map to stream current images from specific sites. 

The advantage is that you can add this complimentary service to your existing live stream. The CamStreamer App version 3.X can run multiple services simultaneously (e.g. streaming to YouTube + sending images to windy.com). You can also add the name of the camera and link to your website or live stream directly in the CamStreamer App. By doing so, you can heighten awareness of your live stream. This is an excellent extension of the camera’s utility for other groups of people and cameras in nature parks, reservations, cities, etc. 

What do you need?

Tip: Get a free 30-day license for our apps on www.camstreamer.com.

Steps to run it:
  1. Install the CamStreamer App on your camera (if not already installed) and press the Add new service button and select Windy.
  2. Using the Login button, log in to your account that you’ve created at www.windy.com, or create an account directly in the CamStreamer App’s log-in window.
  3. Then fill in the additional required information in the CamStreamer App, i.e. the name of your camera and the address where it’s located.

  4. . By clicking on the (OPEN) link, a preview of your camera will appear within one hour of setting up and sending the first image to windy.com.

  5. Done! Now people from all over the world can see images from your location.

Download the PDF here.

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