Dynamic overlay

Static image overlay

Simply insert your company logo or other static graphics into a live broadcast. In this way, you can mark your video with your label to make sure that your audience will always certainly recognize you. The graphics will become part of the video, and are always visible. It is not an advertisement, but a brand. The supported format is BMP/24bit only.

If you want to use dynamic graphics, use the CamOverlay App

CamOverlay App is a smart tiny application running inside an Axis network camera. With this app, you can add weather info, sports results or your own dynamic overlay graphics right into the live video stream. More about CamOverlay App

Current / Up-to-date information about the weather, including the forecasted snowfall? No problem with CamOverlay App. Choose from dozens of weather stations connected to the Wunderground service, or connect your own. You can choose from many templates and enhance your live video from a ski resort, hotel, town or national park. 

Drag fans into the match! Thanks to the integration of Sportzcast service (www.sportzcast.net) you can display the latest results of broadcasted sports events directly in your video. A few clicks and the results are available.

 Inform about the prices of ski lifts, events, timetables or insert advertisements directly into the video. CamOverlay App will change your IP cam into a powerful communication tool. Opening hours or descriptions of historical sights being watched by your PTZ IP cam? You can even do all that with CamOverlay App.



 CamOverlay App can view graphics from two sources at one time. You can combine weather info with tourist info or sport results with logos of your partners. Your ideas will come alive in a few clicks in CamOverlay App...

Insert subtitles to speakers of videoconferences, lectures and studio broadcasts. Pre-set any number of subtitles for all participants and insert them to the actual picture by a single click. Everything is ready and functional in an instant through a pre-set template.