Record and store Full HD video in the CamStreamer Cloud.

Recording scheme

What is Recording?

The live stream recording is an exclusive CamStreamer Cloud feature, for recording live stream footage for storage in the CamStreamer Cloud, on SD card or both together. Each camera added to CamStreamer Cloud supports a maximum of 2 users accessing recordings simultaneously.

How does Recording work?

The footage is recorded at Full HD (1080p/30fps) and the recordings are available in the cloud for 30 days. Storing on SD card is without limit, can be e.g. in 4K.

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Create an account in the CamStreamer Cloud, connect your camera or cameras, and purchase additional Recording service.

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What you can do with Recording?

Browse all recordings up to 30 days backward solution

Browse all recordings up to 30 days backward

All your 30 days of recording are available on the platform whenever you need them.

Thumbnail images for fast review solution

Thumbnail images for fast review

When you move your mouse on the timeline you can see the preview in thumbnails without any click.

Access Recordings via mobile app solution

Access Recordings via mobile app

Recordings are available via a mobile app for your mobile device (Android / iOS)


Your cloud storage

All your recordings are safely saved in the cloud for 30 days in Full HD quality (1080p/30fps).

Local copy on the SD card

Our platform allows you to store your recordings both in the cloud and on a local SD card inserted in the camera.

Easy video export

You can export your recording in the selected time range, download it, and copy it in .mp4 to your Dropbox or Google Drive with just a few clicks.


Playback of recordings can be up to 8x faster so browsing can be very time-effective.

Thumbnail images for fast review

By moving the mouse on your timeline in recordings, you will achieve displaying pre-view. This function will help to orient faster in your recordings and simply find the exact moment you are searching for.

Mobile app in your pocket

CamStreamer Mobile, an app for iOS and Android smartphones, allows you to see a live view from cameras and all Recordings. It also alerts you with notifications from the platform.



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